Can someone explain to me how this shit works...

Can someone explain to me how this shit works? The site explains how it is based on a project that was intended as a pyramid scheme, but that the current project is no longer a pyramid scheme, yet it doesn't explain what makes it any different this time around.

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Because the token is actually tradeable this time around. You can also soon sell your tokens to other people for Bitcoin and Monero on the site's own exchange.
Also, multiple exchange listings are pending right now and after that will be the release of multiple dApps utilizing this token for internal transactions (think Ethercraft but with P3D tokens instead of ETH).
You can check it out at without issue.

Don't shill your link to me fag. So essentially I make a masternode, then shill my link and whoever makes a masternode from my link gives me ETH? An then obviously I get a piece from everyone downstream of me? So the only utility this coin has is as a ponzi scheme to get more people in on it?

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It's a referral link for his masternode.

No. You get dividends regardless of whether someone "above" or "below" you buys, sells or transfers. This is why it's not a pyramid. And people don't even need to use your masternode link to pay you dividends. It's enough to hold P3D tokens to be paid dividends regardless of who's buying.
So until the dApps are released, this coin is just as valid as NEO, XLM or VEN that serve no real-life purpose other than to speculate on rising prices.


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Ah okay. But since the dividends are payed in ETH, it's basically a no brainer to get in on as long as the dividends remain reasonably high? Speaking of which, is there anywhere that states the current ETH dividend per 5 P3D? I can't seem to find it on the site.

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Exactly. And since the price increase is based on a linear model, even people getting in late will be able to cash in on quite a few token themselves.
There's currently no method to see the current dividends you would be getting, but an approximator for that is in the works.

I'm assuming you have some of this stuff, can you approximate? Are the dividends high enough that it's worth getting in for a couple of ETH? I wouldn't want to get fucked when they go to the exchange and the price drops. The site is valuing them at ~1.75 USD but most shitcoins certainly drop way below that once they're put on exchange.

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I can't approximate. Or rather, I have never sat down to actually figure out what I should be getting. But seeing a nice 0.01 to 0.1 every day is okay enough for me.

You're getting up to 0.1 ETH everyday passively without shilling? Is that possible with a couple of ETH invested into this?

No no no, that's _with_ mild shilling. Heavy shilling net's me around .4 to .5 depending on performance. If I'd just laze around I'll see 0.01 at max.


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