I may lose my job and might go homeless

I may lose my job and might go homeless.

I dunno man, is there any inspiring movies or shit I can watch? I'm down the gutter and I feel like I'm at the end of my rope... I dunno what to do.

Is homelessness the end?

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Are you able to afford regular meals, do you have a place you can stay?

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damn bro, come stay with me

It's the beginning, not the end..

Cool story bro

live in your car, get a membership at golds for 10 bucks a month and shower there (might as well exercise while youre at it) and get a serving job. Servers can make great money and they will hire anyone even if you have a criminal record theyre just like sweet, you HAVE to work here, start tomorrow.

I can help you out. My parents are rich and I can do what I want. You can live under my bed. I'll give you hormone treatments. Had another guy (girl) but it didn't work out.

Been homeless. If you have a car, find large hotel lots. Cops prowl parks. If not, look for hostels if you can afford 10-15 a night and tell them your situation if they give you shit for being an in state resident. Shelters are okay, but be careful. Utilize 24/7 coffee shops at night if none of the above work, libraries can have private cubicles during the day that are good for sleeping. Just keep up your appearance.
God speed user, you can come out of this. I can give you meal tips if you want too.

>Is homelessness the end?
Not the end user but the bottom, you can only go up from here, think about it.

Homeless is the beginning. About a hundred people were illegally evicted from our warehouse apartments a couple years ago; I was one of them, and, despite assurances for relocation by both landlords & authorities, many of us became homeless.

Although I never really slept on the street, it was pretty rough at times, but I got through it. There are friends with couches throughout this region, and no shortage of lovely ladies happy to share their beds. I lived in a camper, an unheated commercial space, a tent, etc... Today I share a house with two friends & three cats, and just settled out of court against my former landlords for $11,000 dollars, of which $5,000 is going back into crypto (Link). Adversity toughened me (but I was already an Airborne Infantryman); the planet Earth is literally my living room.

Put everything in crypto. Buy decent camping gear -- tent, sleeping bag, etc -- instead of paying rent. Thumb across the country, get into the music festival culture (they will help you), work festivals in exchange for money or free admission, get involved in different things.

Many great books were written by homeless people (Harry Potter, although trash, was written while Rowling was homeless with a child). Leonard Nimoy & William Shatner we're homeless during the original Star Trek series.

You'll be fine! This experience will broaden you.

Membership at local art museum or largest gallery if youre in a big city. Noone ever questions your right to be there, stay out of cold. Takecare of immediate needs first

>$11,000 dollars, of which $5,000 is going back into crypto (Link)
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Now have a reality check:
>most people who become homeless never get back in a home, or end up homeless eventually again
>most homeless are the target of violent crime
>homeless are routinely targeted for police harassment
>no one likes homeless , no one wants you around, it's a massive social stigma
>most of your fellow homeless are the scum of the universe. Drug addicts,drunks, sex offenders, people on the lam from the law for serious crimes.
>you will end up using drugs yourself more than likely
>you will eventually get raped or forced into prostitution. yes , that includes if you are a man
The longer you stay homeless, the worse the statistics become. Get a job asap and get off the street.You fucking bum.

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>illegally evicted from our warehouse
Communist fire hazards got cleaned out by a right wing safety squad before the building burned down you mean. :^)


nah i was homeless for a bit. got the rug pulled out from me and dropped on my fucking head. couch surfed, slept on floors, lived in a car for a bit lol. eat white bread and cheap soda. good times man. you'll recover. puts the fire to ur ass. unless you're a drug addict/alcoholic you'll be back on ur feet

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link is the safest bet for 300x+ right now

also, if u are really desperate, get someone to have you committed. psychiatric ward will give you three meals a day and comfy af. that is desperate tier tho. psychopaths galore in there but compared to prison it's fucking comfy.

also as one other poster pointed out, cheap hostels.

good luck homeless friend

Underrated post. Also, if OP is Polski I may be able to help

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3 years ago I had to sleep on a friends floor for over a month. It was that or living in my car. I had to sell plasma for money and do medical trials.

Now I am buying a huge house on cash and drive a 2018 Mercedes.
We're all gonna make it user. Good luck and best wishes. I believe in you