Hey Veeky Forums

Hey Veeky Forums

I'm doing a fundamental analysis on the top 50 coins and noticed that some of you don't invest in some coins because of ideological reasons. Please list these coins and mention why.


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why? because fuck you, that`s why


Guess why

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goddamn is that a sniffer zipper in the back of those pants

WTC = godtier

>Hey Veeky Forums
>Do my work for me.

Stellar: XLM

Free coins for niggers. Not only supporting these subhumans is bad, they will dump as soon as they get them.

Anyone who buys XLM deserves to be shot. Anyone who holds XLM after knowing about this is practically feeding niggers.

EOS. Dont want to lose my money to a fucking pedo scam. Pajeets and chinks are one thing, but getting justed by a child rapist? Naaaaaw.

I don't know if it counts exactly as ideological but IOTA is an absolute nono to me just because of ternary. Later I've found other reasons to dislike it but the absolute dealbreaker is that.

Bitcoin just for accumulation.
Ethereum for accumulation/entering ICOs for more ETH.

Never touching XRP bankercoin.
Never touching Bcash fork scam with paid shills.
Cardano SJW overpriced shit.
Stellar being given away to Africa.
Dash is done + PnD coin.
TRON scam.
NANO too shilled, wouldn't hold.
BTG scam.
Populous criminal CEO.
Waves useless coin.
Verge scam.
Rchain idfk what it does.
Waltonchain scam Chinese PnD

IOTA: refugees

this is IOTA's founder.

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Chinese coins - they literally are all scams. They're also centralized to the max and always will be.

Ripple: Jews
Anything Chinese: Chinks
TBC: Niggers
bitcoin: also chinks

say it to my antshares kek

Ada because stanist

>Ripple: Jews

Thanks for the tip! Will add it to my portfolio ASAP.

The only coin worth investing in is powh.io/?masternode=0xf6204c1fbacc5bb157f458d4e31cb80717331aad

top: xmr

high: btc, eth

nuanced: ada

mostly no: bch, xlm

literally fucking cancer: trx, xrp, iota, eos

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Actually I have used these to get profit, but I have 0 belief in these long term.

white women have no asses

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Love or hate it, XRP is the only coin guaranteed to stay around for at least 5 years.

Thats because we’re all about the tits, third worlder

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This guy 100% gets it

why is Egypt the only middle eastern country that prefers tits

La luz extinguido...

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Possibly, but it's not a crypto currency, it's a token to support this fintech company that want to make bank to bank transfers instant. There's nothing wrong with that, but it's retarded that it compares it tx speed and fees to cryptos.

La luz extinta, brainlet.

There is one coin that is never mentioned on biz. Like ever. And it’s made me a shit ton of money and it’s actually very well known. I was all in stellar but after the niggering I am selling into this new coin. I will become a millionaire.

The real reason North and South Korea dont get along.

>but it's not a crypto currency
Wrong. Proof of work consensus is not what makes a crypto a crypto. DLT + crytography to secure balances is what makes a crypto a crypto.

> it's a token to support this fintech company that want to make bank to bank transfers instant
that's just want one use-case. pic related.

>but it's retarded that it compares it tx speed and fees to cryptos.

it's not, they are currencies, speed and fees matter.

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Careful -- don't make the mistake of thinking that by buying XRP tokens you are actually investing in Ripple (the company).

Is XRP open source?

Is there a financial incentive for running a node?

It's fairly obvious that XLM is the new ETH but low IQ racists don't buy it cheap because some of the inflation may be distributed to Africa

>low IQ racists
We are high IQ racists on this board, friend.

t. mutt
no-one cares about ur monkeyspeak

90% of the supply.
There's not a single coin in the top 50 that has such an outstanding supply waiting to be dumped into the market

>Is XRP open source?

Yes, Stellar was a fork of Ripple.

>Is there a financial incentive for running a node?
Running a validator is very cheap because Ripple doesn't use PoW anywhere.The validators are reputable public and private entites around the world and can afford running few servers 24/7. Incentive? bragging rights, supporting the future internet of money, ..etc

The role of the validators is to vote on an order for the new transactions. They don't decide which transactions are valid. They can't double spend.

Users run nodes to verify transactions, but they don't get to vote.

>The validators are reputable public and private

*the validators are run by

Do you have any reference to show that XRP is intended to use as a currency itself so you could buy bread for it and not as a link between different currencies? I have a hard time finding any of the ripple workers claiming that.

the guy in the screenshot is a Ripple engineer, but will attach screenshots for other people too

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well their lack of work on a public wallet should show that.
they really haven't put any effort into making it for anyone but banks to transfer between themselves.
obviously there's little to stop the public from using it that way but they haven't helped it any.

Israel likes tits too
those are probably the only 2 relatively civilized countries there

the only problem with xrp is being a centralized company that has 100% control over the network and which transactions are mined, and being a company here in the US, they can and probably will be forced at some point to blacklist accounts.

when that happens the whole thing will go into freefall, but i wont be an idiot to buy before then.

south africa? if he doesn't move out he'll be dead soon

another ripple engineer who co-write the interledger whitepaper

there's no wallet for two reasons, t

1) they were fined by regulators once, part of the agreement prevents them from making things like wallets, I don't remember when the ban will expire at some point

2) banks and institution are the wealthiest customers, it makes sense to target them first.

but they said in 2018 they will dedicate some resources to the community and fund open source projects for Ripple

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>agreement prevents them from making things like wallets
why on earth

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He’s a Jew, he’s protected.

I don't invest in BTC because of the strict censorship and dishonesty practiced by its community, the ineffectiveness of the LN, and the fact that its problems are blamed exclusively on sabotage competitors.

to avoid fitting in some category by regulators. Ripple hired ex-regulators and well connected people for this reason.

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so after inter ledger is up what can we do with it?

the purpose of the interledger protocol is to allow anyone to pay with anything

ex: merchant accept Zimbabwean dollars and you need to pay with dogecoin. Interledger finds the cheapest route to perform the transaction. Interledger is trustless, connectors can't steal your money, if the transaction fails, you get your money back. All of this is made possible with the magic of math:

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I still can't see specifically XRP itself intended to use as a currency.

do you see doge coin as a currency?
you're being retarded. every crypto is a currency

Waiting to be dumped at incredible 1% annual inflation rate. That dumping will take a while, don't you think?

no, that's 1% constant dumping on top of the 90% dumps...
inflationary currency is not an investment.

No idea what this thread is about so I’m just gonna say buy Cardano or whatever

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this spoonfeed beg.
> the absolute state of Veeky Forums

cardano is not SJW you mongloid faggot brainlet.

they just put out a thing saying they want to hire ESPECIALLY trannies and women

Do you rkn she's farting in the photo?

Everybody buys XRP thinking it's a "better" BTC when actually they do different things.

Iota is a normie trap coin

Wouldn't invest in IOTA because I think their leadership is a loose cannon. He's too quick to spew political opinions at every turn and fails to recognize how he represents the company. Wouldn't invest in LTC because from my perspective it's still just a Bitcoin test coin and will never be as good.

Nano-claims to be money but no proof of work means it isn’t a work equivalent and therefore is fails fundamentally as money

Iota and xlm-genocidal sjw politics

I didn’t know. Brb selling 100k

Rodger Ver smirkingly told investors that Mt. gox was solvent as it crashed while reading from a script and laughing. Bcash shills are complicit in enabling a man who helped make the worst problem crypto has a reality.

Cardano for equality, feminism & enby empowerment!.

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Spot on

I bet the fucking thing moons anyway despite this though

xlm and trx
Because they gave away free coins. -> instant worthless in my mind