I don't understand. Why don't you support this?

I don't understand. Why don't you support this?

They are lterally doing what Komodo is failing to do in years trying to. And Lamden is MONTHS OLD.

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>masternodes without rewards

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>what is XRB


- The mainnet will support 10,000 TPS and can be scaled up to unlimited speeds if need be
- there are 0 transaction fees on the mainnet
- The mainnnet will support the use of smart contract and Dapps with their own new language as well
- They are taking it a step further by allowing businesses to not only create a Dapp on their mainchain, but they are releasing a suite of development tools so that companies can create their own blockchain in less then 15 minutes, they will then use the suite of tools so that their blockchain can communicate with the mainnet and other blockchains, this means cross chain communication like ICON
- They will have Masternodes which is a plus for some of you guys
- Their services will include atomic swaps between tokens and coins
- They are aiming their services at the public but mainly enterprises/businesses
- In order to help drive adoption of their blockchain, they will have an innovation fund of about 60m TAU
- A nice healthy CS of 142,000,000.
- In order to use their services, companies will need TAU (their digital token), this will drive up demand for the token

>can handle 10,000 TPS

Why don't you go and try it out on their testnest you fucker

Jesus Christ, why is Veeky Forums so closed minded


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Oh, and Lamden's giving away 5 ETH.
http(s):(doubleslash) wn(dot)nr(slash)KJyUU3

dumb aoi poster

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Most of these are lies.
Are you a paid shill or a bagholder?

Here's BNTY and TAU swap. Look at the contract.

None of those are lies, but ,aybe some are still theoretical, so technically they're half truths

They are lies.
So are you a paid shill or bagholder? Just answer the question.

No and no you faggot.
You can't even prove they're lies.

>making a smart contract that makes an atomic swap on ERC20 tokens
the absolute state of Tau fratboys

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they think coding in python is an accomplishment

I see you are illiterate in programming languages

They haven't explained how they will achieve all these things. It's highly suspect that they're not giving any kinds of heads up about how this is actually going to work, technically.

dumbest post itt; nay, in this board

What about the fact that the developers are keeping all the coins that didn't sell out during the ICO? rofl what a retard.


>being angry people are accomplishing things

>python is the language for intellectuals

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But only if it's written in an Emacs buffer

that's the point you dumb shit. It is a language for getting shit done without intellectual masturbation involved.

>It is a language for getting shit done without intellectual masturbation involved.
yes for small projects

Any interpreter language will be slow for larger applications. That's why your AAA games arn't written in python.

Also you can tell a project is serious when they decide to use a language that's difficult to learn rather than some language anybody can "learn" in 2 weeks.

now please stop talking about things you don't know about

Their targets are small businesses. These are tools for small and medium businesses. The easier it is to work with the better.

shit is written in python for prototyping and ironing out difficult concepts. it is rewritten after it is ready for speed only.

I see you finished your wikipedia article on python. fetch a book and read it.

He is exactly the kind of person the devs of Lamden are laughing about. I mean these devs are total cunts but their business plan is solid.

hes the main guy

a bagholder that bought at 10x ico price

They haven't explained it, but they deliver at a fast pace.

deliver tutorial-tier smart contracts

Their point is to make smart contracts simple enough for any person or business, so that they can make one in 15 minutes.
If anything, the simpler, the better. Also, we're still in the starting line.

Just look at ETH, at XRB back then. The main net is scheduled EOY.

Don't say I didn't warn you.

All the fudders are people who missed ico or already sold. Now they just cry frat boy and shitcoin when the team is actually getting stuff done.

Tau $100 eoy

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>confusing simple for trivial


Big investor since ico here, hold till April 3rd and treat yourself well today, maybe even buy something nice with TAU in the back of your head... I'm not saying more

Holding 20k since ICO and I trust these devs less and less every day

stop shilling so i can finish accuming my masternode you prick

Shouldn't be hard. It's almost 90% down from it's ATH.

Actually I kinda liked this. But it has literally nothing to show for yet and the most off-putting thing was actually the lead dev stating in the AMA that he doesn't know why the token should/would rise in value.

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Maybe he just means that he can't decide how much it should be worth, but adoption will?

Enjoy your python pleb project boi

>ow please stop talking about things you don't know about
Yes, yes makes perfect sense to write a blockchain in python to switch it to something later.

Didn't everyone dump at a 13x?

I have to ask.

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Lamden is quite honestly one of the most undervalued out there on the market. I am bummed that MasterNodes won't be a rewarding thing though. Still, this one is worthy of a sizable investment imo. Just needs more marketing. Reddit has basically never heard of it.