Can we get a nofap thread started here? Why is this shit so fucking hard. Redpill says just jack off once a week for max test but I can't even go fucking 3 days. kill me now

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Stop being a bitch and do it. It's not even that hard

I once had a streak of 104 days. Dead serious. I failed like 100 times but kept trying. You will get better, just give everything you got all the time and face the discomfort like a man.

I can't go 24 hours without masturbating 3 times.

Not because I'm horny, but because I'm miserable. I'm trying to change that, but it's not easy.

why bother doing nofap at all? Fapping is nice.

Nofap is retarded and will ruin your dick. Noporn is what you want to do

Just distract yourself. Play video games that don't shoe tities or something. Read book. Work out. Anything that keeps you busy.

I know it's hard user. I keep failing. It's extremely difficult when times are rough, but worth it.

If I wasn't bored most of the time, nofap wouldn't be that difficult.
It's the times where I'm bored that I really want to fap. Not that I'm trying to nofap anyway.
Spent a year not fapping at all though once and that wasn't half bad desu.

Unironically this

is this nofap a burger fashion or something?
just fap once every 2-3 days and you're cool I don't see the problem

just look at this disgusting bitch face everytime you wanna jerk off! should help you get infinite nofap...

Extended periods seem pointless, but cutting is easy. Just always keep in mind that it feels somewhat good for like 5 secs and then you feel miserable. You'll not want to do it then

Try going a week nofap. That extra few days, you'll feel better when you work out, run faster, stand taller, and when you do bust, fuck it's good.

I feel like the first week is the toughest. After that it gets a bit easier


for fuck sake. u say no fap thread and u place some ugly fat bitch as a theme.

Ive been addicted to everything. alcohol, drugs, cigg, glad noone ever showed my heroin/crack as i would be dead by now. its madness.
im having breaks like 2-3 weeks but than i just need to fap. if im lucky i dont use porn.
but i guess u cant run from sex. pussies drive everything for given type of people. some people find fulfillment in work - wish i could. be successful but i cant stop thinking about pussies.

remember the legend of Troy. One guy burned down to the ground entire fucking city to get his pussy.
recently ive quit my job, im going to australia to meet a gril from my city. we are going to fuck each other a lot for 3 weeks in sydney. than i come back and in august we go to NZ. pussies. ive been all over the world all ready and said im not going to do it again. i want to work. do career. yet im quitting and going to travel again. for a pussy. fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkk

in the enddddd it doesnt even matter..
i haddd to falllll... tooo losssseeee it alll

Whatever you do, dont watch porn. Even if you masturbate.

it WILL mess ur reward system up.

Im a year free from porno and I feel completely different around women and life in general. Granted, i've grown and have more self esteem about other things, but muh feelz are just far more human now.

/adv/ is over there, go away

What if I told you that you're miserable because you masturbate x3 a day, not you masturbate x3 a day because you're miserable.

same here op, am i the only one who is angry when i even hear word "porn"?

that sounds like a placebo. Just quit porn for a while. you don't miss much it's all the same honestly it's quite boring. Watch things that have a plot like erotic movies and things like that

>Watch things that have a plot like erotic movies

in other words, become a woman.

Same. When I have some fun new vidya or work is going well, I forget all about fapping. When I'm really bored, I fap all the time.

>tfw dont wanna jack off but Veeky Forums constantly posts thots
you did this

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It's a positive feedback loop. When I stop masturbating, I do feel much happier, but I feel bad from time to time and the fapping-misery loop kicks in.

I always fall in this loop when I'm not working enough. Back when I had a very busy life, I didn't think about fapping for weeks or even months.

Already no fap for the great fast. No problems a few wet dreams in the begging.

typed this reply without reading yours. Realizing this is the first step to end the addiction.

Yeah porn fucks your mind up

What exactly do you people have against porn? Are pics porn? Or is it only moving videos of benis to bagina? Are you saying merely watching that is worse than the act of fapping?

Porn rewrites your brain. your reward system gets fucked up. It becomes an organ with an only goal: watching porn and fapping to it. Remember that the brain's top goal after survival is to make you happy. Porn gives you dopamine like drugs.

When you refuse to watch porn so much, you tell your brain to get dopamine by another way, so you start to care about things that used to make you happy, work, socialization, learning new things, ..etc

*with one goal

This is long, but will answer your question in great detail.

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Fapping gives you dopamine. Porn doesn't. Try watching porn without fapping, it really makes you feel no different. Fapping does.

Again, what's the difference between pictures, are pictures of clothed women porn too, does there have to be a penis, where do you draw the line?

I dont get why fapping should be bad? Fapping is needed, otherwise their would be riot on the streets with all those men who cant thibk straight because they refuse to fap^^

He seems to be saying that degenerate porn is bad. Or over-indulgence. Can't disagree, but are either of those intrinsic problems with porn or other sexual imagery? They really aren't.

>Fapping gives you dopamine. Porn doesn't.

you think it doesn't because it gives you the urge to fap

what happens is: porn gives you small but continues doses of dopamine. Fapping: 1 big dose of dopamine then nothing. That's why you feel miserable after fapping. Feeling horny makes you annoyed but it also makes you feel good, you just don't realize it.

>using the word "fap" unironically
underage faggots detected

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>porn gives you small but continues doses of dopamine
Most likely, but so what? It doesn't do anything on itself if you don't fap afterwards. So why focus on porn and not chronic fapping instead?

So when are we going to bust out the burqas and start chanting allahu akbar? I can jack off to the OP girl easily and she's just a big titted girl walking around campus. If porn is ruining my brain how are these roasties not?

What about 2D? Does it have the same effect to the brain as porn?

Thw first three days are the hardest. After that it's pretty easy for like 2 weeks

Me too.
If I wasnt so depressed/bored with life i could go without it for a while but i need the small opiod like hits to make me content with my life for a couple of minutes.

Exactly, there's nothing concretely different about any of those formats. If porn was bad by its nature, so would be all pictures, as well as seeing females IRL and having sex

they are both a problem when done in excess. I feel like a normal human being if I masturbate no more than 1 time every 3 days. Those who go on for months without fapping are retarded autists and their dicks will probably fall off.
>Most likely, but so what? It doesn't do anything on itself

It does. I prefer watching hundreds of hours of porn to fapping then feeling nothing when watching porn again.

>That's why you feel miserable after fapping

I feel like every single discussion about masturbation is a massive case of projecting

>It does. I prefer watching hundreds of hours of porn to fapping then feeling nothing when watching porn again.

and this unique to people who only get their dopamine dose from anything else.

Not a placebo. Its scientifically proven that your test levels spike for the first week. After that it drops though.

Okay so we actually agree. Quitting porn is ok, but the core problem is chronic fapping (especially when combined with porn, but both ways is bad). So yeah, moderation is key, I agree. Sounds pointless and dumb to blueball yourself for months.

it really depends on how much you fap, when I don't fap a lot, I don't feel miserable after fapping, I actually feel much better.

Yes. Old school fapping (to your imagination, no wild shit) only. It feels so much better anyway.

The key is to have a life. Have tons of things to do, learn and enjoy.

If you have to watch porn to get an erection, that's a sign you are miserable and just using porn and fapping to feel happy.

What about 2D? I need answers user

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get the fuck out u stupid cunt. go fuckurself with those pedo jap autistic shit

2D is probably even worse since it over exaggerates features making you want women which don't exist in real life

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user, this is not really about porn or fapping, it's about how the brain works. the brain wants to keep you happy. if you feel sad, or bored it just makes you think of methods to make you happy and excited. if you do the things that make you happy AND successful, you become a winner.

The most successful people in life enjoy the things they do. They would do it even if they don't get paid for it. It's like porn to them.

No fap is for losers whose only realization of power is avoiding touching their peepees. How pathetic must one be to obsess over their masturbation habits?

>not knowing fap is as casual and normal to the Veeky Forums vocab as faggot

>admitting to being a 15 year old

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Nofap is idiotic, just fap once a week, because it prevents prostate cancer. Also fapping every day is bad too. The real thing you should focus on is noporn.

Why are you even posting here?

I've had multiple 2-8 month streaks over the past 8 years, and I've come to the conclusion that it all depends on the individual and you gotta know yourself. Probably 7 day cycle would work for most people.
But, all I know is, if I orgasm, my whole reward-system fucks out for a couple of days, like a hang-over.
I autistically tried to do sex with no orgasm when I had a gf, and it worked quite well, but didn't experiment long enough to know if long-term avoid orgasms is the right thing for me

After 90 days though, you do feel like you're becoming Gandalf.

can confirm, once u eliminate porn u fap less often and feels more wholesome

Stop the porn. It kills the brain.

[citations from several peer reviewed studies needed]

What's so bad about porn? I love porn desu, have gigs and gigs of it. No creepy or weird fetish shit either, just wholesome hetero people having steamy sex.

Get a gf
Yes, it's that simple

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yep this

if you have nothing to do, it can be pretty hard. if you keep yourself absurdly busy it becomes manageable

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cos want to point that only 1-2% of people override inner sexual drive that they r completely in control. most of us just go with the "flow". u have needs that have to be fulfilled. u can fulfill them with crack or work. with crack it is easier. with work u need to find ur "profession" otherwise u will wagecuck.

pron is fuckin disgusting..
people who wont to override pron wiring have to just find something that will distract them. but not fapping/having sex is imho pretty hard and will lead to frustration. go interact and during the process of healing find a love.

If I'm fapping to, lioness in the rain for example, is it still bad? Or other pics with naked/half-naked females.

i believe if it is artificial it means its pron. dont do it. keep it real. u really wanna 3 fat black whores pissing all over them ? go make it happend otherwise dont bother.

it is when everyone is posting thots

Found it way harder to kick than smoking.

What's worked for me has been negotiating with myself instead of cold-turkeying. You want to fap today? do ten pushups first. Want to fap again? do eleven.

What I'm doing now is when I have an urge, I lie in bed with my eyes closed and imagine shit instead. Typically, if my willpower is too low it means I'm sleep deprived, so I end up having a well-timed nap instead.

What about looking at facebook pics of your coworkers or other cute girls to fap?

Is this bad too?

I haven't fapped in 4 days, just haven't felt like it. Did my sex drive just die? Is someone poisoning my water with 4mg of estrogen a day? gettin real frightened right now

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> lol placebo
> obvious and dramatic mental effects that rule out the need for quantizing measurements

nofap is a (((trick))). noporn is indeed the way to go if youre looking for self improvement.

Opposite in my experience. I have a good imagination so when I get into a noporn habit, I just go to bed, wake up, kiss and fuck my pillows for an hour, go back to sleep, rinse and repeat. At least when I cum at the computer I have a mess in my hand to clean up, and it's not intimate so once I get my nut I'm good until my next erection.

It's weird seeing the place you at on Veeky Forums. I dunno who that bitch is though.

just wait until you hit 30+ and your sex drive will become a lot more manageable

I go a week and stop even getting a piss boner in the morning. Then the depression kicks in. Nofap is a meme, boyo.

Just quit PORN honestly. Seriously helped me. Once you've done that, you'll stop fapping as much and go back to a healthy level of a few times a week not every day.

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Easy to get, difficult to maintain

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>tfw was a daily fapper before
>find ebic gf
>no longer need to fap every day, even though i get to meet her 2-4 times a week and cum 1-4 times a week
i-it just feels different now if I try to fap

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21 times a month has maximal benefit with boosting immune system function

What makes you think they arent?

People liked to be cucked

Just smoke weed everyday all day everyday. It will kill your libido after a while.

Not even that porn should be ok just like fap but real moderation starts ideally at once a week which is perfect since your testosterone spikes above normal levels during the 6-7th day

Fuckin hardly...been smoking weed since 13, 48 now and still horny as fuck all the time

4 times a month has maximum benefit with boosting your testosterone to almost double levels on fap days.

Fuck your immune system jew bullshit you either have low t and are a weak and sick man or you have high t and be a strong healthy man

Ok faggots. Coming from someone who over masturbated so hard they actually developed a mild from of Prostatitis/Pelvic Pain Syndrome (dead serious):

NoFap is fucking dumb. It's taking things to the extreme. You always want do things in moderation. I've gone on huge streaks (100 days) and you feel shitty and begin to edge anyway. You'll also ruin your stamina and you'll bust near instantly.

In this case, Red Pill is correct. You want to fap ideally once a week, twice if you are really feeling horny. This goes for all guys 18-40 years old. Bust a nut once a week, only exception is if you train hard IMO.

Do not masturbate because you are bored. Only masturbate when you have a big urge to bust.

You also want to cut porn out completely. Some people say "masturbate to just the sensation" but I think thats a bit ridiculous - pictures are fine, imagination better, a combination probably best. I also highly suggest getting a stamina trainer sleeve (Hiding it away from parents if you live with them is a bitch though).