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Is there anything worse than an sjw comedian?

he's going to right just like what he said about trump during the election.

a british sjw comedian

An American nazi

the thing is, as annoying and worthy of execution this man is. he literally cannot stop BTFO'ing himself with every prediction, opinion, statement he makes.

They always bite him in the ass.

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commie detected

who fucking listens to /cuntyear/man in 2018?

>still owning a propaganda box in 2018
shiggy diggy
there's a reason really successful people avoid TV like a plague.

A nigger who doesn't appreciate comedy, i.e. you.

Kek cuntyear god damn that’s good, gonna use that, thanks user.

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True, kek manifesting into this reality is really fucking with the likes plans.

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Statistically speaking, you are far more likely to have your life or carrer killed by an modern-day SJW than a modern-day Nazi

That's not how you spell "patriot"

Black sjw comedian
Female sjw comedian
Black female sjw comedian

I congratulate you, OP, for making a spelling so consistent and yet so phonemically accurate in your post that I was able to interpret the exact sounds you meant to be conveyed to the reader, whilst drunk

I certainly don't appreciate "safe" politically correct comedy.


dab on them haters bc everyday we be hodling. WHERE MY HODLCHADS AT?!?!

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friendly reminder

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Britfag here. Ya, wasn't bad at all actually.

Was heavily cocker sounding, which Oliver doesn't really do. (Authentically)

But yea. Bravo op. You fuck.

Whoever keeps posting this is retarded. Its the same standard liberal news comedy shows that have existed for 30+ years. Its not mass conditioning perfected its stand up comedy wrapped around contemporary events. When I disagree with him (which is often depending on the segment) I am able rationalize where and how his arguments are weak. Maybe this shit is next level conditioning to brainlets but its hardly insidious propaganda

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literally not an argument

>Maybe this shit is next level conditioning to brainlets
But that's 90% or more of people, so you answered your own question. He's right. Stop masturbating over how you personally don't fall for it hidden in a bad "if it doesn't work on everyone, it's not really correct" argument.

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"comedy" kek

The insidious 20 second cycle is: introduce joke with some information followed by payoff. Watch stand up comedy routines, its literally the same shit except with a topic or contemporary event. Yes it has a liberal slant and its trying to convince you of something but its hardly illustrating "increasing mastery of the methodologies of mass conditioning."
He does segments on topics you probably didn't think much or care about (special districts/civil forfeiture) which is hardly effective propaganda. Real insidious propaganda would be any general news channels (Fox/MSNBC). These channels push political viewpoints as well as create news to fill cycle demand. These channels are far more effective and distributed forms of propaganda. Jon Oliver is a niche liberal comedy show on HBO. That meme pic is some butthurt right wing larper

Haven’t watched this pathetic hack in a few years because I decided to not be a faggot anymore and my god I forgot how annoying he was. Tried watching more than a few minutes of this guys aimless screeching and it makes me want to gouge my eyes out. How do people in le current year still like this guy?

Someone tweet this to him

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>someone take time out of their day to do something for me that im too fucking lazy to do

Great funny episode.

you didn't even make an argument, all you said was you disagree without offering anything.

If there were any reaction to it (which is unlikely in the first place) they wouldn't publish the quote because it's too funny and shows the person who wrote it is having a laugh.

Instead they'd say "internet trolls" made "death threats".

Idk. His agenda is also just so blatantly obvious, it makes everything he says so predictable.

>Whoever keeps posting this is retarded.

You didn't say why.

>Its not mass conditioning

This is where I think that quote becomes a bit dramatic (although not necessarily so). I would argue that the "agenda" isn't agenda-setting, it's more about gaining views and popularity by aligning itself with its chosen demographic, which is obviously liberal, probably college educated and affluent.

These sorts of psychological tricks are becoming more and more common. Off the top of my head:

- It is common knowledge that startups are building apps around "habit-building" principles in order to get their users hooked.

- Netflix reportedly relies on formulas and some advanced level of analysis to create popular products.

- Lots of Youtubers who are into growth-hacking BS use a formula for creating content, which sounds quite similar to the 20 second soundbite formula described in the quote

Is it really so far fetched to think that HBO does not have people using similar techniques? In fact they would be stupid not to do so in the face of the competition they face.

>Is it really so far fetched to think that HBO does not have people using similar techniques?


I should have said

Is it really so far fetched to think that HBO has people using similar techniques?

guess we need to buy EOS now

The really telling thing is that he always tell you what something is BEFORE showing you it. I.e. "Take a look at THIS video of being absolutely "

Instead of showing you the thing without poisoning the well beforehand and letting you yourself create an opinion about it. It's subtle but this is important.

Oh hi non-white user... How's life on the lower echelons of civilization working out for you