Now that crypto is dying

do you guys finally realize that you should have went the well worn path and get a traditional career in finance? While you imbeciles are spending your days posting about the 2000$ you've put into your imaginary toy money and watch anime porn all day in mommys basement, we, the adults, are out here making REAL money with our REAL jobs and progress in our careers as financial analysts, HF managers or PE consultants.
But maybe it's not too late, kid. If you work hard you might land yourself a nice gig as a summer intern at Goldman or JP Morgan.

Anywho, I hope you'll get yourself together and dodge this bullet called "crypto".

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Honestly want to work as a financial analyst. HS senior right now, really bad at math, is it worth a shot or should I take the normie CS route?

If you're smart, got good grades and willing to sacrify some things, yes it's possible. What you major in doesn't really matter as long as your grades and school are both good. It is hard and a bit of a gamble though. Like 6000 people apply for the few hundred intern places you'll need to succeed. Only the smartest or most dominant and aggressive ones make it.

Just do extra curriculars my man

I’m 50/50 Netflix and Ethereum since 2016
Best of both worlds, independently financially independent. Btw 8 inches and it’s thick.

>I diversified my money between two ponzi-based markets

top kek

Maybe after I make my first million, gramps.

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constipation a bitch

Yeah, Crypto is a ponzi scheme and most of this board will fail miserably, but honestly a "career" is for losers. Start your own business or you're not a real man.

How do you manage to make profits during rough times like these?

Are you jealous?

he keeps buying in

he is the big shorter

>get a traditional career in finance
let me tell you how that goes
>10,000 to one chance that you get your foot in the door
>start off with a two year contract
>make negative money for two years
>200 to one chance of being hired full time
>make zero money until a manager position opens up
sounds like I'd be just like Gordon Gekko

> traditional career in finance
I'm horrible at math. Even in basic math. Since grade school.

think that you cant hodl over time.
>didnt invested more then 1500$

now have >1Mio$

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Taught everything to myself, worked hard for it, did it all from derivatives to currencies to stocks to crypto.
Run a fund with a 30-50% yoy return since 2015 now (no derivatives, around 80 stocks and a few ETFs).
How can I make GS know I'm their guy?
I don't want to wear a suit and pretend stuff, I actually know stuff.

>tfw my mom's friend was a securities manager at a bank
>tfw I pitched her my portfolio
>tfw she hired me despite having no relevant degree because she though I was a good boi

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>Only the smartest or most dominant and aggressive ones make it
70% of the time the people who get these internships are the most well-connected

You don't need to be smart or good at math to be a "financial analyst." Dealing with people is always a shit job and there are better ways to make money if you're bringing more than a pulse to the table

I noticed a pattern then built a bot to exploit it.

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Says the old permafag, who will retire probably 3 years before he dies. Meanwhile were retiring when price singularity hits HEHEHEEH