Got 18 ETH, what to do

So, I bought ETH back in eary 2017, and made some good gains out of it

Now I want to reinvest 8 ETH and keep holding on 10 to get more gains

Shill me on your gems (no pajeet shitcoins)

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Amb dyor



Just keep the ETH and look back in 2020 desu

No point stressing out dat and night over shitcoins that might never moon anyway. You will just waste 80% of your free time.

SONM lowcap coin, theres some risk but the upside could be $$$$

This and if you want a long term suggestion waiting until the ontology trading competition ends and buy a shit load under 1$


NANO is a winner

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Maybe I will look into it

Yea I think that it will be good too, but as I am still a small investor I really need to get a x10 or more gain

Nano seems like a solid investment, but its $10.85, maybe I will get into it if it dips again

FUN is an easy $1 EOY. Jez announced that they will go live quite soon at EthCC, and it's at $.05 right now. Won't be there much longer.

NEO, RLC, OCN, (maybe) ICX, JNT are my picks.

1.5M marketcap
Ex google team
decentralised linkedin

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I'll check it out right now, sounds dope

thanks, I will get some NEO

is there really a need for this on a blockchain? I don't think so

I don't get it.

NEO is going in for a massive dump. It's been propped up from 40$ because of airdrops mate.

Check NXT and ZCL to see it's short term future.

blockchain for trust and prevent fake CVs
token for payments to access to database

why should it get dumped now?

yes but I don't think that this is a huge market desu

no problem. ultra safe pick and really good time to buy right now as well, gambling in shitcoins myself but good luck user

lol check prices at linkedin, you will be surprised how much companies paying to find a good employer
and from other side how much people paying to find a good job

Ethorse OP,

I know you probably wont research it but you will regret not doing so if you don't.

Decentralised gambling platform where you bet on which crypto is going to have the greatest % increase in a time period.

House takes 5% rake, redistributed to token holders.

15mm market cap, expect 85% annual return on ETH invested in just rewards if it gets a daily volume of 1000ETH per day.

All in on LINK, thank me by eoy

Eth is a mutable premine shitcoin and it's going to zero

This Rblock will be a massive gainer this year, if it even hits 20M market cap that's more than 10x
Market for hiring is actually huge companies invest a lot of money into this shit and this will be better than monster, LinkedIn, Indeed and all the shit tier websites used for hiring now, it will also solve so many problems with spam and filtering CVS for good candidates, that's a massive time saver and time=money


Keep it in cold storage and come back in 6 months. Any other option will make you lose money user.

OP if you want to day trade then I would put it into ICOs and dump them after they hit exchanges. If you’re just going to sit on it then you can diversify into other blue chip crypto or just keep the eth.

Google truereply if you want something now. Lots of hype about to start about this one

Try to get in the presale

This. Neo sub $40 in no time, it’s a shit coin.

Hold your ETH until the flippening happens. Alt bullrun will only happen after that.

thanks bought a 100k
>$2500 eoy

Dump your ETH now, get out

Putin is going to fuck it up for everybody

That filthy Siberian nigger vitalik is cutting deals with that dead eyed grampa tits zombie in a suit

Obviously, REQ.

NEO literally has 7 nodes. (Ethereum has 18000)

NEO literally has 16 smartcontracts running on it. (Ethereum has thousands)

NEO's supply is literally for 50% in the hands of the NEO devs.


You all deserve to lose your money just like BeeZee.

Devery (EVE). Low marketcap under 10 mil so massive growth potential. A supply protocol that any business can adopt to make their own supply chain crypto. Competitors are top 20 (vechain). Due to being a protocol has much more use cases than vechain, Walton, or amboros.
Bonus: held back severely by only trading on idex, severely under the radar.

R block or qash

Ark will overtake Ethereum in the next few years so I'd dump your ETH In that