Is it possible to 10x before June?

Is it possible to 10x before June?

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Same as its possible to lose 80% in a single day.

Yes. With RLC.

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Coinmetro or JNT.

Yes short everything 10X.

Yes. Bitcoin, May, 100k.

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RLC is a shitcoin just like golem, SNM is the way forward


Link $1000 eoy
stop looking for a tiny x10 coins

is coinmetro and jibrel the next espers? how much you getting paid pajeets?

if u all in req u x10 before may

Yeah dude chainlink is gonna have a market cap or 350+ billion by eoy of course

Don't listen to these cucks Load up on Banyan Network, wait till it 4x, dump it in iexec, wait till it 3x, dump all that in nas. You will have a 50x. No problem.

>No problem

And you cucks wonder why the market went to shit

Of course. By holding, I don't know, by trading, almost assuredly. But as says, it's also possible to lose close to everything.

what's going to make banyan 4x any time soon?

If you have to ask, you don't deserve it


fuck you nigger, just bought 20k

by june?

It's an empty shill. He says it will "go 50x" for the simple reason that he owns it. It's a waste of time to even answer to these types of posts, just ignore them. (If you do reply, they just say "dyor" or "if you have to ask, you don't deserve it", because they have literally no arguments, and if anyone points out their bullshit, their next reply is usually "stay poor").

it's being shilled by lots of gaytubers though

bro the shit isnt even on coinmarketcap and its already starting to get shilled on youtube/redddit.
12 mil marketcap????

thanks just bought another 100k