Reddit is way better than this shithole

Reddit is way better than this shithole
Prove me wrong you cant

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Well, you're here, arent you?

nice b9, m9 9/9

Shit you proved his point. Thread over.

Kek, actually no one gives a shit about OP

i dunno how to read that...nice bnine mnine nineonnine

true. reddit has a forum for each of my favorite coins. also they have already done the work of bringing the most valuable comments to the top so i can't skip all the low value posts. really helps for someone like me who's always on the go

reddit serves a different purpose

Well, yeah. But almost everyone here is filled with self-loathing and anger at the world so don’t rub it in.

>asscancer is better than dickcancer
yeah right

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Then why are you here?

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Reddit big boards only shills coins that have already mooned, I've never found a single gem there contrary to Veeky Forums where I systematically look at threads with low amount of replies and logos I've never seen.
Also the way they systematically upvote the "funny" posts instead of the actual informative content is annoying.

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Youre a faggot...but i mostly agree with you.
Still it's a fun place and sometimes you can find some shitcoin that could moon

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OP right, but this is fun, and a nice way to see trends and kill time.

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Great. Stay there.

They confuse politeness with accuracy

Op is always a faggot yeah?

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yes and no, it's essentially anarchy here which is why it's so interesting

>72% mud, 8% silver and 20% shit is better than 95% shit and 5% gold
OK dude. I'd rather have the lows of maximum cancer and experience the highs of maximum gold than to sit in the mud all day with a few nuggets of informative silver

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The only thing I like reddit for is some computer hardware subs. Somehow they manage to be pretty good.

They are both garbage. All popular places on the internet are, 99% of information is useless so...if u care about usefulness then it's only good to visit as a a last resort.