Have you ever brought a gf home to meet your parents?

Have you ever brought a gf home to meet your parents?

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3 times, one of that times was like 2 weeks ago.

Yep, also 3 times

2 times. First at ATH, dumped hard afterwards. Second close to ATH, and shes still in a steady upward trend, despite some major corrections

mine started off okay but now she's gone parabolic

she broke resistance on the 52 week chart

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a "gf" ? no

girls i've met at parties clubs and just bring them home sometime during night/early morning and then spend another 2 days with them sleeping in my bed, smoking inside of my room, drinking more and eating shit food - yes, so many times ive lost count and the worst part about it is that if puts you off actual goals in life(like making money) for a few days after.

i actually did this last weekend from friday evening to sunday morning

My dad walked in on my gf riding my face like an enduro motorcycles once . I wish he hurried out but he didn't. Sick fuck


My last real relationship was 5 years ago. I think I could get into one right now (I have girls interested) but I'm too busy.

I want to hit a billion dollar then find a wife, make children etc.

You're a fucking idiot. The only way you know a woman won't be with you for your money is to snatch them while you're still poor.

I hardly believe in love. I have experienced infatuation but I don't think I love anyone beside my mother and father.

I have internalized that women will only ever /really/ like me because of wealth and power.

I think that's ok (sad but ok). You just have to make sure that you keep the upper hand and not let yourself manipulated. That doesn't mean you can't have feelz. It's just that I think that deep beneath the feels, the real drive is wealth+power.

I am not pissed off by this at all; I don't except a woman to be always there for me the same way I don't expect my dog to open the door for me.


>are ya winnin', son?

Why bother investing your time with a woman then? Sure you can have your feels and shit but you yourself don't believe in love and probably think that having a gf is temporary happiness. So why bother? I mean I have the same mentality as you, I would rather just focus on making money.

Would never bring a half breed home. Better to become a wizard than mess with mutts

Same bro, hate when that happens

Parents nor wife would think highly of that move.

>Better to become a wizard than mess with mutts

Reported to ADL and SPLC

Don't have parents.
Never had a gf.

At least I'll be a wizard with magical powers

Oy vey.

I have yet to touch a women so no

oo vey fellow elder of zion, we must vanquish racist goyim. shill em ripple and fractional reserve banking. oo vey shalom

>actually having parents

faggot tier

Yup. Bonus point if you introduce two at once.

i fucked about 40 chicks and still feel like a loser
sticking your dick in a girl doesnt make you accomplished at anything, stop putting pussy on a pedestal

Because they show bobs and vagene


Bro, just find a nice autistic girl. She won't require all the "frills" of the relationship but will still be aware of her duties in it.

I dated an autist. Daily blowjobs were good, but the shit I had to put up with made me want to cut it off and bleed out.

my wife is on the spectrum. she also has a great career. did I win the lotto?

Yes, my parents love her because she is qt and polite and traditional conservative like I am.

No and I'm going to be 30 soon

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of course, thats what normal people do

Fuck off chad