Kucoin investigated by the Hong Kong SFC!

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chinked again.

This website is a piece of shit


remember these faces? they all look the same

Their faces look CGI.

i count at most 3 different people

ahahah crypto is truly a joke

>Luffy Principal iOS Engineer

Fuckers look like they just playing a character in a shitty tv show.

are they all related?

they all look like mid-tier Triad members

these pic are composite.

I don't deal with Kucoin, but barring a covered up hack or something similar, why would they implode? Aren't they making insane amounts of money with the various fees, etc.? Better safe than sorry and people who have lots of funds there should move them, but I don't know how seriously this should be taken at this point in time. It wouldn't surprise me if it turned out to be nothing.

looks like they all have the same makeup and eyebrow artist which I bet is the ceo's girlfriend who was modelling for cars before she landed an executive position at kucoin

Are you the same dude that tried to get NEO holders on Kucoin to dump/withdraw last night?

Some weird Kucoin FUD going around right now.

looks like there would be an opening for jack zhu at cardano if needs be lol

Yeah same algorithm moshed them idiot

fuck i got a lot of coins on Kucoin, should i take them off?

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Yes, better safe than sorry

are these actually shopped? all of the guys glasses and eyes are identical wtf

Fiona choo?

they arr rook same

Cant recall but someone posted her super hot image and gushed over her customer service when kucoin opened - could have been the ceo on reflection

I have about 100k on Kucoin, fuck.

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What the fuck is the matter with you, I would leave nothing on the dump and pump shit exchange, have some shit canya on there and that's it, so pretty much nothing. they can fucking have it, sick of looking at that shit anyways

Thanks, just withdrew 100K. Am I going to make it out?

Are you shilling your own shitty website?

All those gooks look identical

fuck you, dont like my face?

Never trust a chink using a western world name to fit in.

Was this a company or a Chinese Sears catalog?