It's Q4 2016. Why aren't you buying crypto?

It's Q4 2016. Why aren't you buying crypto?

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Because I'm busy spending 8 hours a day shitposting and fighting against imaginary shills on /pol/

because i'm too busy playing video games and I only go on /a/

Because it's already too late, $700 bitcoin lmao it isn't going higher than that.

Cos I'm being a retard and spending $ks buying Gold and Silver bullion.

Good times

Also I was on Veeky Forums but ignored all crypto threads and rather argued with people about which retarded college major is the best and listened to people bragging about "m-muh six figure income" at their gay ass biochemical software sales engineer job

Lol. What's the point?

Bitcoin won't pump more than $1000 and it will be totally overevalued. Also these Ethereum cucks talking about moon LMAO. And I am not talking about the others shitcoins, hahaha.

I don't want to give my personal information to some shady exchange in China.

Because the bubble is already popping. It will never go over 800$.

I heard about it a couple years ago when it was like 180$, but it's gone 6x since then and crashed. Bitcoin is over it'll never be worth more than 1k again.

because it's the current yeat

Dunno what the fuck to buy, user

I'm market selling Chink scam Litecoin at 3$ it'll never go higher than that ever anyway. Already done a 100x from when I first heard of it

Because I’ve given up Veeky Forums and haven’t been on Veeky Forums since it was all about kneepads

I dont know about that cryptocurrencies will moon that hard because im brainlet

because I'm buying SPY to ride the Trump Bump

because BTC didn't earn my attention by smashing its ATH

I gave all my money to bernie

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Because I would rather buy guns than figure it out, just like a year ago when I was going to buy ETH.

Used to mine btc 2014 and planned to hold it to 2020 because i thought it could be huge with the silkroad only getting bigger. Lost the computer 2016...

delete this

Too busy binging on RC dissos and watching the election of a lifetime unfold

weed is a human right

kek, forgot all about that, I wonder what happened to those people

To occupied building ARs on /k/

Fucking same. That and busy with work. Worst part is I knew about it, had mined some back in the day, sold when Hox happened. Kept meaning to get back in but got distracted.