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SXSW is coming up. EOW predictions. Trips confirm.

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Linkshits are soo stupid

$0.80 EOW

$100 EOY

1 dollar eow, 1000 dollars eoy

$1.50 EOW
$1.00 EOM
$300 EOY

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.65 EOW
100 EOY

If it hits $10 this year, I'll be happy, Im expecting the pump to $200 to come next year.

Also, just want to say that I finally got 20k link, Im gonna make it.


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if you were here in October you'd know that edging is a cornerstone of the company. There is no hype, only energy spent towards working on the product. In fact edging was what Sergey focused on for his Philosophy degree. This explains why partnerships are being kept secret and the suddenness of the inevitable singularity. When the singularity happens, be sure to open the Citizen app if you live in the SF bay area and look for an incident titled "office building flooded with semen" as Sergey et al will no longer be able to contain themselves. Sergey will blow the biggest load though as he's expressed a greater propensity of a hard on for decentralization. In fact in his interviews the first word Sergey says to candidates is "decentralization." No sentences or words around it. He looks intensely at their crotch, and if the candidate doesn't get wet or hard in 30 seconds the candidate is rejected.
With this information the reasoning is clear: a significant partnership has been secured, and the smartcontract team has been vigorously doing laundry or buying new underwear. This isn't sustainable however because the massive volume of pre cum will ruin the dry cleaning machines. It's only a matter of time until the laundromats find out whats going on. Hence it is a race against ejaculation, and a rigorous mental battle to keep their enthusiasm in check.


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$30 EOM
$100-200 EOY

A Microsoft software engineer forked the chainlink code -

Sergey has submitted his guest post for artificial lawyer and is in queue. There are a few articles before his that better explain chainlink's use. One was posted today -

Sergey is sharing stage with big wigs and will speak about the CURRENT work with Swift to demonstrate Chainlink's potential.

Things are actually starting to move.
I'm a bit scared anons

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Proof that his post is in queue?

Why fork?

So he can play with it and not fuck up everything???

I thought you were going by blackmonday now?

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"Are we getting rid of lawyers?"

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Hey faggot, mind explaining this?

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ari juels and immutability of smart contracts

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regarding immutability

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Hahahahahahahahaha this stupid fuck

regarding disputes?

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possible use case

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$5-$10 EOW

They're shadow forking the code because of Veeky Forums. Didn't you see the official subreddit? They're embarrassed by channers and don't want us to make money.

where data can be gathered for input (oracles). also "The Open Bank Project PSD2 API sandbox creates an avenue for banks to securely share information that can help customers access bank services (such as a list of branch and ATM locations), and a catalogue of the bank's products. A second layer of APIs have also been created, aimed at providing data on the customer's list of cards, accounts and transaction history. Authentication processes within the APIs make sure only authorised access is opened where a customer has given consent." remains to be seen how it can be utilized (aka i havent read deeply into it just yet, all i know is there are APIs available)

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use case in general

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stop that fud pls

Dump tomorrow retards


and capgemini's full report that i cant be bothered to link to right now. still have 2 pdfs by wef that i havent read yet because they are too long (50 and 130 pages)

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the reports are generally favorable towards smart contracts and blockchain/dlts, the one from capgemini expecting mainstream adoption by 2020. eoy2020 could, in my opinion, easily be in the 3 digits for link

fucking checked

Speculation usually outpaces the use in this space. So 3 digits might happen before that.

i hope that would be the case, since most likely the current bear market, depending on how long it will last, would mess with bullish predictions. worst case scenario for me is $100 eoy2021, realistically as ive said low hundreds eoy2020.

>$100 EOY
nice fud

Sherlocklink claimed he didn't know how to trip in the thread where he made his "debut" and only make the trip after it being explained to him.

However the same trip can be found in an /x/ thread from 2016.

The guy is full of shit.

LINK won't even reach $1 EOY desu, but it will still outperform other coins in that time frame. Multi-year bear market

Obviously lol

>>multi year bear
Get out of here bear fag

We're going nowhere for awhile.

i just want to see my id

$1000 EOY


777 EOY

0.77 EOW
555 EOY

five dollars EOY, also augur will be at 300. Screencap dis

$1000 eoy
$5 eow

Honestly, we know who sherlocklink is and we know he seems like an honest nice guy so idk what to make of this article or what he's saying.

Maybe he just saw the part 2 to this article series and is grasping at straws trying to string us along saying there will be a part 3, since there have been several other relevant articles since he first claimed this.

In any case, we'll see tomorrow. It seems plausible but I'm sure he's not an insider and he's never shared where he's getting his information from.

just about another 1500 LINK...feeling good

1000 EOY check em

>he's never shared where he's getting his information from.

with regards to the artifical lawyer article and topic of the talk tomorrow.

He's otherwise just been finding things in the public domain (the hyperledger emails) and tracking down people following chainlink and on the slack.

45 cents EOW
20 cents EOY

.55 eow

$5 EoW, my friends

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Nice fud. $1000 eoy

EOW: 60-80 cents. I think the Beta is around the corner and coming sooner than a lot of people think. I was thinking main net Q4, but it may come Q2-Q3.

Once beta drops we'll probably see another move in ranks maybe up to 50-60, and with main net I think we'll get to 30-40 and slowly work our way up from there.

I've been on the link train since before ICO, not a 1k EOY /thedonald moonboi, thinking maybe around $15 if things go perfectly this year. My guess is we'll close the year at $2-5 (still amazing you fucking spergs unless you bought at ATH lmao) We can definitely climb to $100 by 2020.

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Nice larp, imposter. Who the fuck are you?

Question: how else do you guys buy into crypto with fiat besides Coinbase? I really want to accumulate before the panel but CB’s buy limits/wait times are cucking me.

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Lykke Wallet works from the uk.
You can even buy REQ and GVT on the wallet from gbp/euro

It's the elephant in the room here but what do we think the Microsoft Dev in the GitHub means?

1000 boys

Will there be a live streaming? I never heard Sergey speaking I want to hear his angelical voice.

Nope it's months yet. Thomas confirmed they would be writing the contracts from start to finish in a public repository and so far they have not started. This will take some time, then they have to be audited. Beta is late 2018 early 2019

>I've been on the link train since before ICO
>Doesn't know mainnet was confirmed for Q2
Nice larp bag boy


swsx is the new sibos

They are trading at the same USD price

Forgot a 0

Who cares, he was turning around and fudding. That hardly means he can't do good research, all he really ever did was look at who was following on the github, other than this artificial lawyer hypothesis. It was just the guy who found the hyperledger emails who is a real person who is technically knowledgeable.

and like I said we know who he is and he's contributed a bunch of shit to the project already so I doubt he's just spewing absolute shit, even if what he's sharing was already known or extremely easy to find.

Cope Sherlock you got caught

>beta late 2018/early 2019

>main net Q2

Whos right? Who's the brainlet?

maybe someone in 2016 at /x/ just happened to think of the same password as him? it would hardly be a big coincidence

How many have bought link recently to sell tomorow when it peaks?

Gemini Exchange if your in the Us . Same day wire transfer for $30 bucks if you initiate it early enough. Available for trading immediately

$.77 EOW
$77 EOY

Trips confirm

It will dump a little after the conference and then I will buy more.


Guys i dumped my Link during last pump
Waiting to buy dip, will i make it?
With that being said, even when i was 50% Link..... $3 EOY TOPS
Cap this, don't argue. Just cap this, be happy if you even reach $3

I can live with this


Meh, could be worse

May I kms?

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>Repeating 7s
The ancient one smiles upon us!

$74 is my /millionaire/ point so I'm more than happy with this.

lol stfu dude, shit like Dash reached $1000. Shit like NEO easily surpassed $100. LINK is more valuable than both and you have the audacity to FUD $100 by 2020? Holy crap ur retarded. MAYBE 1000 eoy is a LITTLE too bullish...but it will for sure reach that before eoy 2019. The global market cap is going parabolic son, and LINK will aid that. Just fukn accumulate and get ready to be catapulted into the elite

>the absolute state of nolinkers

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not going to go past $40, otherwise I'll have made it and that won't happen

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My linky stays rather stinky... $2 end of week.

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The ancient one is more powerful than you can comprehend. He will reward our loyalty.

First he sent us prophets, now he sends us profits.

$2 would make it #26. The whole crypto market has shrank so much link mooning into the top 20 will still just make it just a few bucks you dumb nigger.

Not realizing the whole market would have to go up 500 billion dollars for linkshit to be close to that. Soo stupid