Should I really buy ChainLink? It seems like a meme but Ethereum started out as a meme as well

Should I really buy ChainLink? It seems like a meme but Ethereum started out as a meme as well.

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You mean "daily reminder that bitcoin is tulip mania 2.0"

tfw no salt and pepper relationship

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Why do you need an oracle cross blockchain thing when none of your coins or tokens have an actual use?

>let me ask some dumb question so that i can post this pic and see everyone's reaction

You sure bamboozled us!

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you talking about wanchain / ark, nothing you said relates to main link proposition.

Tulip mania never happened.


The Dutchies did nothing wrong.

>but Ethereum...
it didnt though and certainley not to that extent
it seems more like ppl think it did and now the are memeing LINK twice as hard in hope this helps in anyway
it doesnt

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ETH was real crypto with new idea not just another generated erc20 token owned by creator with non working solution to non existent problem

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Why are you link FUDers posting coal burners?

price is low because Link is still in early development stage,
when it's ready it'll be physicly impossible for Link to be cheaper than $1000, maybe even 10k,
do you remember ETH fud? Vitalik molested children while high on ketamine and had both AIDS and cancer at the same time, not even mentioning autism, yet his project successed.
buying Link now is like buying NEO for $0.01 when it was still called Antrashers

Vitalik said the whole company isn't even worth the 32 millions initially raised, not counting the fact that sergey is gone

Real niggas buy ADA

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strange, I remember someone saying in one thread Vitalik said Link is the most promising project out there and that he's jealous he didn't think of it. Was that some sort of joke or a lie?
Or maybe it wasn't Vitalik but Charlie Lee or MacCaffee?

He also sold a bunch of eth at $7, he’s not the savviest investor

Ok something is going on

Someone is spamming this board with IR threads, look through the catalog

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Its the same hapa poster.

Vitalik said something similar about OmiseGO, no one ever endorsed chainlink apart the autists here