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Popular brokers for stock trading:
>commission free and no minimum to open

> How is it free?
Robinhood earns revenue by collecting interest on cash/securities and fees from their Robinhood Gold service

> It's been X days, why isn't my account verified yet?
Not being approved in 3 days seems to be the new norm. Nevertheless, call/email their support if you've been waiting more than that.

> When is it coming to my country?
The only "plans" are on an Australian and Chinese beta. Neither of which has gained much traction.

Interactive Brokers
>$1 commission per 100 shares. $10k minimum to open, $3k if 25 or under. Lowest margin interest. Free API access

TD Ameritade
>$6.95 commission per trade. No minimum to open. Fantastic data/charting through their free ThinkorSwim service

Degiro (Cheap broker for Europeans)

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S&P 500 VIX Futures (For SVXY/UVXY, higher is better for UVXY, lower is better for SVXY)


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Good morning. Two more days, AMRSfags. Two more days.

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There goes Tillerson.

Don't let me down.

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is that bullish or bearish ?
Also, good call by an user for CTRL

I did my DD and want to invest into this company

Morning all

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You gonna dump all day little boggie, or you gonna buy?

Low key up and coming tech stocks


This administration is in shambles.

inflation numbers were bullish for stocks, the market needs time to decide what tillerson leaving actually means, but there was a drop on the news release

fuuuuuuuck my QCOM is getting hammered

thanks, obama!

Thanks for the info. I think I'll do some digging on Tillerson and the new guy

Stocks are sure high as fuck but I still think every dip is a buying opportunity

It's time. Pump it.

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morning bois, the bogs are raping us today, just accept them inside of you.

imagine unironically being a bear in 2018

It has to have bottomed out by now, r-right?


God damn those Bogs
>Traded my MU bags for AMAT last week
>MU fucking surging

Tillerson was doing few great around the world and cleaning up State. But, had a difference of opinion with Trump over Iran, so he’s out. Pompeo has been cleaning up and reorganizing the Agency, and may be better for North Korea negotiations at State.

Anyway, my pick for today is MYSZ.

$60 was analyst target, coulda held some for the overshoot that always happens.

>inb4 it hits $75


Also, when you say your pick for today, do you mean a stock that you will play with just for today ?

ge tanked get in for a good bounce on a cheap stock

Looks like just a minor sell off, we going up now.

>Biomemes right now

AMRS shills are awfully quiet recently....

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How many shares you buying?

crash fucking when

For around 2k (10% of portfolio)
I am waiting for it to drop to its 20d MA to buy

I have no hope for AMRS. They've failed at every commercial product they've tried. That said I'm tempted to buy in and hold through the earnings call.

anyone else buy the REIT dip?
bouncing off floor nicely

Good day to die I guess...

Where’s the guy that was shilling NVCN? Shit just touched 15, that stock only goes down. It’s impressive that it’s not negative.

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Nice pick ;)
should of told me yesterday

Haha sucker

Yeah. Just for today.

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I didn’t even buy any lmao

What will GE do from here?(14.54) Wish I had been paying closer attention, looking to buy 1k shares

Roughly 3 seconds after posting this I'll be dead from a 12 gauge shotgun

Fuck this market

What's your timeframe?

AMC is dying and look at that hard zig zag graph like a bed of nails. 15.42

can the markets just crash already pls thx

20 minutes

>NASDAQ at record highs
>DOW up 170 points

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can i have your xbox

Buy it. It will shoot back up ~6% to what it was for the past month.

AMRS shill here. I'm not selling.


googl dippin good. So has been FB but I never have faith in it

I said my piece.

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Center this fucking image properly.

What's is a good ETF for south east asia?

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You keep posting as if this changes the companies fundamentals.


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Theres some etfs that go by the countries that just came out.look up FLCH and go from their, they have many countries

I just don't get what you guys see in this stock.

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>tfw didnt buy the AMD dip just now

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Well i echoed what the shiller said, ive done my research.

If you guys want to listen to the retards here calling it a lipstick company, keep losing out on 70% gains

It's still dipping. I'm hoping to see 10s sometime this week.



can i have your pogo stick m8?

i see a new flour recipe that is going to make me lots of money.
you can only see whatever crap they were doing before they found the flour

and what is there flour

Also AMC dippin hard

AMRS: Literal Flour Power


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Well that took a turn.

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fuck them for no longer letting me use my stubs program when buying a ticket with moviepass

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I hope you guys are gonna buy NFLX and MSFT in a few minutes when it reaches the bottom of the dip.

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>in a few minutes when it reaches the bottom of the dip.

dont you mean "in a few months" ?

maybe not a good time to buy them but UVXY and SQQQ I like to use to short. I think its over though I wouldn't bet on a bounce

it's just a down day

you bearfags always amuse me with your desperation at any little drop

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made a cool grand off of it

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markets are ready to fucking collapse

everything is flying retardedly high and we all know it

you better take your profits while you can

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they said the nasdaq would be the leader of the pack
they said tech would flourish

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another retrace should not come as a surprise sometime this week buckos

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how did y'all know it was going to happen?

Mid-morning dip as usual.

I had no fucking clue. I have been grabbing 5 cents off of SPEX for months and happened to have it when it blew up. Literally dumb luck.

>markets are ready to fucking collapse
really now?

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i've been hearing that shit for years

Netflix, all in

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Looks at its returns last year.

you're dumb

See you on my private island fag


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I feel like we might retest the Feb. Lows within the next two weeks. The NASDAQ is getting a little bit ahead of itself too.

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The volitility is a good steam release in our oversold market. Better than an all over big dipper.

>Finally get RH options
>Go to bet against TSLA
>Have to buy shares in lots of 100
wtf I'm too poor for this

>bet against tesla
theres a reason they dont let the poor use margin


FNGU nooooo

my tendies!

>Bullish on TSLA
explain yourself.

Tesla has a balance sheet worse than a fuckin penny stock. Musk is the only thing keeping the bubble inflated, even then they don't make any fuckin money.

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Who here /TVIX/?

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