Fellow Binancians

>Fellow Binancians

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>Wow~ Monster eats the image

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I can already see people the price of precision rifles rising if the identity of the hackers ever comes out.

What are you waiting to invest in firearms' industry?

When are they implementing a system to get something out of dust? Inb4 chink scam to steal your money

oh boy that BNB pump on the Binance Chain news

>We are sorry to announce


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What news?

Can covert some to BNB

>API phishing hack

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Binance Chain

Thanks. fuck i missed the pump

BNB is the only ERC20 token that actually has a purpose

That said I'm not entirely sure why this chain news made it pump THAT much.

>Fellow Kuckolds

I think Binance has a bright future. The exchange is incredibly user friendly, all that's missing are a few key features and with this new chain news who knows how far it could rise.

It would have pumped anyways because of the Coin Burn in April.
It's 2 weeks to early lol - however the Binance Blockchain Announcement was the trigger.

We're now in the BNB burn countdown, based on the timeline from last quarter. We should be expecting some pumps closer and closer to the date. Investment points to consider.

- Low current BNB price
- Binance has record profits this quarter
- Lower Binance upkeep and operational costs this quarter
- Quadruple the user base of last quarter
- Greater community knowledge on BNB fee reductions and burn process
- Binance whale wants a high BNB price (lower burn number)

With Binance Chain coming, BNB will go 3x easily. Get in while you still can anons.

yeah buy the ath goys

ATH is 18,5k sats

tfw when bought at $2.7 and sold at $1.9 months ago. Fuck.

>tfw my coupons that I bought for a dollar a couple months ago are doubling in value again

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csno has a purpose

Why does everyone ignore the clear masonic reference in Binance logo?

>The futures belongs to the new us

The key is they will announce more detail in the coming days, we don't know what consensus Binance Chain will use but I it is very likely to be POS which only further increase the value of BNB. Easiest hold in my life and sell the news and buy back before the coin burn.