$475 BILLION have been removed from the market in 3 months

That's around $20 billion per day since January 8th going from your pockets into others.
Don't tell me you're still invested in this...

The 2014 crash was a 27% crash, from $15b to $4b.

This crash is a 57% crash, from $840b to $360b.

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>$475 BILLION have been removed from the market in 3 months

Stopped reading right there, you are fucking retarded.

You're the retard.
The marketcap went from $840b to around $360b today.

you do realise that wallstreet pumped the price of btc to 20k, cashed out and used the money to short on futures ....and slowly bag holders are unloading...eventually only retail money will be left in the market (retail money isnt in the millions) ....and BTCs true price (return to mean) will be discovered (800usd) ....the tech will get adopted and life goes on.

Sorry if you put anything more than a few hundred bucks into this.

you realise that mcap is not the amount of fiat that actually been invested?

You're retarded

Daily reminder that the real money in the market are the current market cap/50


op is a troll faggot

because marketcap = amount of money, euthanize yourself please.

"Market capitalization (market cap) is the market value at a point in time of the shares outstanding of a publicly traded company, being equal to the share price at that point of time times the number of shares outstanding."

It amazes me how little you guys know about trading

$15b to $4b is a 73% crash

When paranoia and delusion meet.

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This OP.

Where the fuck did you get 27% from those numbers?

Money generated by speculation, you Just can't sell all the shares at the current value

You realize that there's probably less than 10 bil in total invested into crypto?

See, you have no idea what market cap means so let me tell you.

Market cap equals to circulating supply * last traded price. Let's say we have a coin that is worth $1 and there is 100 million of them circulating. This means it has 100 million market cap right?

Now suddenly all the sell orders change to $1000 per coin and people pay the new price.

What happens to the market cap? The market cap goes to circulating supply * last traded price which would be in this example 1 million * $1000 which means that the market cap is now 1 billion dollars.

Does this mean 900 million got invested into crypto? No.

Dont feel bad. HODL my bags whilst i wait for this to dump and then I'll buy back at the bottom. Nothing gives me more pleasure knowing some chump actually bought into this and fell for the HODL meme.

How not you fucking idiot?

I bet you think that if Jeff Bezos sold all his Amazon stock today he'd still be worth ~$120bil.

OP is a fucking brainlet but sadly I think half of the people invested in crypto may believe that market cap = money in crypto

the amount of brainletism in this thread is truly astounding.

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>create new coin
>let's call it bizcoin
>make 1 million coins
>my friend buys one from me for a dollar
>market cap of bizcoin is now $1mil
>he sells it back to me for one cent
>market cap of bizcoin is now $10,000
>this means that $990,000 of actual money has left the bizcoin market

stop taking money out of the market please, we will owe money at this rate.

>we'll never see bizcoin under $0.01 again!

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Isn't that excellent? It means we haven’t even started. I mean, if it’s 10, 20, even 50 billion in real money invested what’s does it mean?
It means we haven’t even got started.
> We will make it.

Mods should sticky a thread with marketcap explanation.

they should also be sure to use a cuck image for said sticky to keep with current trend

that's not how it works you fucking retard

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Pajeet make 100,000,000,000 coins. Pajeet sell 1 coin for $1 to hes brother Pansun Now we have $100,000,000,000 capitalisation. WOW!!!

What exchange?

Crypto marketcap doesn't work like that, but there were alot of money taken from it since january. Hype is now gone and we will keep bleeding.


I'm gonna make a new coin.
100 million coins pre-mined, all to me.
Then I'm gonna sell ONLY 1 coin for $10.
>BOOM, INSTANT $1bil marketcap.

But that guy decides to sell that single coin to someone else for only $5. The marketcap is now only $500m
> OH NO, $500m left the market

> Only $15 was actually traded.
Market caps don't matter.
What matters is LIQUIDITY.
i.e. the total US$ available at the current time in all the (reasonably priced) orders in the order books in all exchanges combined.

How can somebody misunderstand market cap by so much?

Thank you, I hope some retards actually learned something from this.

He's clearly talking about volume value, which is 27% drop.

IQ is so low that doesn't realise 150B was wiped off because cmc has taken off Korean exchanges? Stupid fucking nig nogs like you make me happy, makin money is easy with you around

T. Still 30% down

Just neck yourself OP, and everybody who thinks market cap has any relevance in crypto.

It is just a way to represent metric value. Not a pool of money somewhere or any representation whatsoever of the actual money invested.

How the fuck do you get 27% crash from 15 to 4 billion, that's a 73% crash you fucking brainlet.

>15 to 4 is 27% crash

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sure mkt cap isnt all real money but you just made that shit up

>27% crash, from $15b to $4b

are you retarded? 15b to 4b would be almost 75% crash

Divided 4 by 15 instead of 11 by 15 what an idiot.

>what are percentages
to say that 50% of the money in the market exites since january is correct

How can you not see how he got that number, he fucked up and flipped the two numbers that you listed
He did 4/15 and got .27 and listed that number instead of doing 1-.27

30% is a normal drop you fucking turbo bell end

No it isn't.

If you create 100 tokens, and you sell a single token to someone for 1 USD, then the market cap for your token is 100 USD, even though only 1 USD actually went into your token.

>I'm losing money but it's okay, it's just natural!
The state of you

I know how he did it, it's just retarded.

>what is liquidity
>what is speculation

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ah i see you dont know what a percentage is

>from $15b to $4b
> 27%

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>Market cap is an almost completely artificial number.
A percentage drop in market cap has virtually nothing to do with the percentage of actual fiat that left the market.

>create 100 tokens
>sell a token for 1 USD
>sell another token for 1 USD
>sell a third token for 1 USD
>sell a fourth token for 1 USD
Inflow: 4 USD (= actual money that went into your token)
Market cap: 100 USD

Then you sell a fifth token, this time for 4 cents.
Inflow: 4.04 USD
Market cap: 4 USD

The money that went into your token went up by 1%, but your market cap just dropped by 96%.

>create a token with 1billion supply
>sell 1 token to my friend for 1 dollar
>mcap of my shit token project = 1 billion

kys, you do not deserve breathing the air of this beautiful Earth

Meant to quote

meant to quote this faggot

OP, market cap doesn't exist. Or at least doesn't matter. The amount of actual fiat is probably 1:10 what really exists. The amount of inflation in this market from Tether is far more than anyone can possibly imagine.There may very likely only be 30-35 Billion dollars of hard assets in all of crypto.

Anyone who entered when I did in Q1 2017 is up so much, that it's cool user, fags like you who entered at 12k are getting cucked were still comfy.

> I heard about sth before you did