Will this hyped piece of chinkshit do something soon?

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Several listings soon

I've heard that for 40 days, when is "soon"

soon is soon. lol

more than 5 until end of april

End of April? This would be an absolute disaster.

They gonna be revealed steadily from march till end of april, don't worry too much

Funny, biz tards got rekt again by a discord shill.

Meh, you know that 1,5 months are an eternity in crypto?

fuck off faggot look at the market

If you invested in MAN the weeks before you should have done for long term anyways. Roadmap really catches momentum 2019

They have always said March.

Anyway to recap this week we have had:

Boxmining saying its an all star and will have a video on it soon
Suppo saying its great and will have a video on it soon
KJT saying he has a big bag and may do a video on it
Datadash saying he loves the team and the partnerships

Imagine thinking this is going any less than 400m ever again when exchange hits

Can you link boxming/datadash/kjt where they talk about it. Or is it on twitter.

5 more exchanges listing?

more than 5, yes

Another chink coin going down the drain. Lol Veeky Forums you never learn. Once the listing will be there, all those big whales from ICOs will dump on you. Once again, you never learn Veeky Forums

Do you really love losing money?

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Someone got any information of their ties to the chinese government?

50k MANlet reporting in

someone post the account names of the admins on that telegram. im trying to message them to get my self unbanned

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What did you earn the ban?

they dont ban for no reason stupid fucker

Because he is probably a retard spamming stupid shit

i honestly dont know. i think it was during the huobi voting period, and i posted a screenshot of the vote asking if that was enough for me to receive the airdrop.
Posting pictures can get you banned i think.
Other than that i dont know, i rarely posted on it anyway


oh, user... if you think this coin is hyped now you are not prepared for what is coming

Someone needs to get laid asap

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dude i read their telegram almost every day cause i have a huge position in it and the admins are really nice and helpful you must be a complete retard being banned from there so kys


>huge position

what other positions are there besides 'admin'

nice larp faggot

he meant money wise kek

>user having a lot of money

even nicer larp

600 MAN, will I make it? The rest is in Banyan. Will be a realllyyy good month or two for me I reckon.

Look at the fucking roadmap

Nothing is going to happen til 2019.

Hype about the team and project has died down. Next big pumps will be Q3/4.

Mainnet beta in September. Its biggest strength this year is being under the radar if anything, no? Big exchanges+when it starts getting shilled heavily should do it justice. Most projects that pump aren't doing shit for a while. Bare minimum, though, it should make for a good short term dump if anything.

Your time is running out dude, hop off the shitcoins and buy MAN. Weak fud won't cut it. Biz knows.

>several BIG exchanges in march (meaning within 2 weeks)
>over 5 major exchanges by april (confirmed by admins)
>shit tons of youtube shills are about to make video on this
>partnership reveals (trust me, they're chinks and they know how to market)

All MAN needs is exposure. This will pump like TRX did, but this time there's an actual academic and very fucking legit team behind it.