Most respectable coins to invest

can you find the pattern?

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yeah, only shitcoins are up in your screenshot

Cool logos?

think harder. these are all legitimate coins, so what do they have in common?

only prime numbers


Invest in Skycoin and Waves.

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No, 73iq. Explain.

>what do they have in common
these are all legitimate coins?

Above $150 million market cap?
All have letters...
Reddit fags love it...

Your hint was a little shitty.

most of those are good coins

You have heavy bags that is making you cry

i think he means that what these coins are legitimate because what they in common is that they are legitimate.

54 isn't a prime number, neither is 70, 30, 25, 20, 62, 64
Only prime numbers on this list if i'm correct are:
1, 5, 19, 61,

I give up

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so what you were saying is that what makes these coins legitimate is that they all have something in common?

>think harder. these are all legitimate coins, so what do they have in common?
Your saying those are legitimate coins. I agree that is what he said "think harder. these are all legitimate coins"

Second part of his is question was
"so what do they have in common?"
and your answer is the same as the previous answer to the first part of the question "legitimate coins." His second part to the question was "so what do they have in common?"

If the question was fill in the blank it would be

All these coins have a pattern which is _________. Because of this they share ________.

Your answer would be legitimate, legitimacy.

so they all share a pattern in common which is legitimacy. i see now.

LiteCoin isn't exactly legit though, it was just pushed very hard and is still just a PnD coin. As of 2017 Litecoin has 0 reason to exist anymore. BTC is a different story as this will remain atleast top 3 for decades.

litecoin will always remains as safe haven to btc

Nah I don't think it will. I think this one of those coins that people are expecting a future of but in the end it doesn't have enough to compete with BTC and most altcoins are already at a more advanced level. Its just hovering from its position that was created wayback, its going to crash though.

PnD shitcoins controlled by whales?

Your IQ is sooo sub human that I'm surprised you know how to use a keyboard. Like have you ever read a whitepaper?
>0 reason to exist
Litecoin will be launching smart contracts this year on LTC,
It is trying to get a deal with monero for full privacy plus liquidity
Eoy value will be $7000+ and i pray to god you don't hold any

At the very least you can expect to see XMR-like privacy options for LTC, which is something BTC will never have. There’s a lot of interesting tech developments on LTC’s roadmap, we’ll see if they can pull it off.

are Bitcoin, Monero and even ChainLink look like shitcoins to you? hmm?