ERC223 Token Mined Through Proof-of-Volitility

That is correct.
First ever ERC223 token to be mined this way.

The supply of PHX tokens is tied directly to the Ethereum balance of the smart contract underpinning the 'EthPhoenix' decentralized application and mined using a novel, generalisable technique we refer to as proof-of-volitility

1) Model on which a queryable values from a smart contract can be used for generating Ethereum tokens (proof-of-involvement).
2) A specific instance of proof-of-involvement describing an algorithm which dictates proportional token generation according to the stake held by a participating smart contract (proof-of-volatility).
3) A smart contract detailing an ERC223-compliant Ethereum token active on the main network which can be mined a hitherto unused techniques an existing smart contract as the unerlying generator (PhoeniXCoin).

Its live now.

The release only occurred after an elaborate riddle was finally solved after a dev dropped clues all week.
The underlying contract is:

or come enjoy the futures market to earn 30x multiples, then dump into ethphoenix.

get ready for the new era of mining Veeky Forums
whitepaper link soon

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First there was pyramids
Then they made futures
Now they have literally invented a new mining algorithm

what the fuck

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and even more in the works...

Fucking well put lmao

Correction, the futures market can be found here

And I might as well elaborate on it...

There are 6 pots, Zerobear, Bear, Minibear, Minibull, Bull, and Infinibull, representing different ETH ranges the contract balance could be at the settlement time.

Payout multipliers depend on market sentiment, but have ranged from 1.3x (An obvious, easy bet) to 50x+ (completely unexpected manipulation).

Manipulation occurs by token holders (EPX) during what is called the bog hour. This is the hour right after betting has stopped...but the pot is still hot i.e. yet to be won. The game isnt over until settlement and then the winners get the payouts. IN this hour window, people buy and sell EPX to move the volume in contract to favor the bet. Creates high volatility which generates dividends for EPX coin holders, making a very nice passive means of earning eth...for life.
Contract will go forever, physically cannot be stopped. Wild bones wild ride is in effect, are you on?

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Also soon a variant of PyrMex will exist which uses PhoenixCoins instead of ETH - a speculative futures market accepting a speculative mineable gambling token as chips...


I'm assuming there's some additional functionality in the works for PHX? The plan is to get more people to enter epy?


It's a fully tradeable currency, and has a unique and new mining algorithm, but past that - it is only a token utilized by dApps

Speaking of dApps....

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But yes, the ideal way of acquiring PHX is to mine them, but you could also just buy them off an exchange - any usage of PHX creates interest in EPX / EPY by proxy since it is the only origin source of new tokens




breed birds in a pyramid like structure where the root breed owner receives divvies for all downstream bird sales?

One particularly disruptive model I am excited about is the following:

A futures market for a competing project, using PHX tokens. This may seem counterproductive but in order to bet, you'll need generative volatility to exist in EPX

And, if members of said competing project want to play, they will need to somehow acquire said speculative gambling tokens.

The devs are legends, but not everything can be done at one time, so keep your eyes glued to Veeky Forums or drop into the discord to stay updated on PHX development.

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There is currently no public information on the gameplay of the dApp other than that it will accept PHX as currency instead of ETH.

I would expect PyreBirds to get the most Dev attention and the soonest updates though

Oh actually I just lied - there is going to be a battle mechanic



no one cares, unoronically pls just stop ur 50 member shill circlejerk is never gonna make it

Non-Sketchy looking link to whitepaper of PHX, no download required

It's not too late, user.

I'm planning on having this phoenix fly me to the moon.

edgy and upset

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>goes up 20 eth after riddle is solved

how can it not make it...if its already made it?

go on then kingshill

just give me one reason why this ERC223 has a proof of voilitility.

there is literally 0 reason why it has the added volitity multiplier, it could just work without that perfectly fine (as a shitcoin token worth almost zero)

but of course no u have to tie it to your bags (for no reason)

and yes of course u shill ur pyrmex vaporware again... why don't you try shutting up the spam and see how long it takes to hit 0 volume. that's how little we care. ur existance is solely spam based. this erc223 is just the latest turd on the bagpile, no reason for voilitity just tied in. fuck off

hur dur i've just invented proof of pajeet

it's an erc223 token but if u mine it, u get more based on the number of pajeet threads like this in the based 24 hours.

literally phoenixcoin

>cant read

It has "proof of volatility" because that is literally how token generation is performed. You are retarded

hur dur i've just invented proof of warming

u mine it, but u get more depending on the global temperature.

why do u invent this shitware and shill it when it offers nothing. voilitity? fuck sake.

That is the only thing which gives it any inherent worth above a premined token or a random PoW / PoS token, its value is irrevocably tied to the balance of EPX

Yes, if EPX went to 0, the token becomes essentially worthless. You are seriously stupid

yes and i could JUST AS EASILY say it makes the same random amount per day. why the fuck is it tied into some arbitary volility on a shit ponzi with 0 volume except Veeky Forums spam

without being as aggressive as the other user, it'd be nice if you discord guys could explain what it does without buzzwords
(on mobile and your page doesn't load without metamask)

>no reason for voilitity

you dont need to be upset
>pic related is before riddle was solved

btw, have you ever invested a new form of crypto mining?

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No, it doesn't "make a random amount", it makes a 100% predictable amount /BASED ON VOLATILITY/

Please, go climb back into the hole from which you came, you have absolutely no understanding of supply / price / asset backing

It is a tradeable token which is generated to holders of EPX based on their EPX stake and the daily volatility of EPX

You can choose to buy EPX to mine it, or buy it from exchanges. That is it on the core level, its a token with a completely new type of generation which has never been done before

Nothing about it is any more of a buzzword than "Proof of Work" - just a different, entirely brand new "algorithm"

yes and give me 1 reason why /BASED ON VOLATILITY/ of a random pyramid is a GOOD THING to have production based on?

0 reason

just make it generate 1000 a day without tieing ur shillware in. but u wont, coz u need shit on top of the pile to keep Veeky Forums threads up.

there's no reason for /BASED ON VOLITITY/ 0 except this thread right here.

the absolute state of Veeky Forums

why did u use my proof of pajeet or proof of warming algorithyms then if that is all u wanted to do? make a buzzword and shill it

:thinking: useless investment, made me actrually think LESS of EPY than i did before...

you guys are truely desperate

Holy shit you are unreasonably retarded user

"Why did you use this algorithm when you could use a different one"

Because this one is new. If you don't like it, you are under no obligation to mine or purchase it. Nobody is promising you returns on this. It's new technology though, and you sound extremely upset about that.

>"new technology"

literally just a random english word u decided to use today.

next week you'll have proof of gender and it'll generate based on the number of females using ur EPY

there's no reason for using/inventing volitity and it's an insult to Veeky Forums really

I'm actually quite impressed by those epx guys, good work

There's no reason to be this upset either. Why are you so unbelievably mad?

:thinking: you're a faggot user


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I am also impressed by their creativity and level of engagement with stake holders

It's been 3 months.

Where will EPX be in a year? :)


God doesnt even know. So much potential in so many different directions. Limitless direction holy fuck.

wanted to invest some money into a pyramid scheme
>nicest support
>admins here for every question
>updates all the way
would love to loose my money that way, this is better than most ICOs at the moment

So you added the mining thing to scam us all?

Nice try Pajeet.

>a mining thing
thats a bit of an understatement considering it is a world first. Did you even read the white paper? I know the answer to that...i just wanted to remind you of your own ignorance on the situation before you start mouth shitting on a good project.

go back to your cave user

There is absolutely no scam in an opt-in mining program, that doesn't even make sense.

>He thinks a world first algorithm from a project birthed on Veeky Forums would waste its time as a 'scam'
>He thinks we're done

>good project

You will never get your lost 20% back unless twice the volume of the total supply joined the scheme.

It's now at 334 ETH, you need fucking new 668 ETH to join JUST to make your money back.

And it won't happen in this small niche.

Your other hope is other people will get tired first and leave the scheme.

>He doesn't understand the math
>He doesn't understand the linear buy function

Wrong, 3D and EPX are both linear, just implemented in different ways. Oldest FUD in the book.

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tell that to the guy who dropped 14 eth in this morning after the mining release and i have no doubt this project will go far over 668 eth because it already has you moron.

In fact, over 2600 eth has come in and out of this contract already with over 10,000 transactions.
Stay mad

EthPhoenix is targeting those who don't understand math.

The buy/sell gives you shit...

If you didn't join really early you got scammed, that's it.

Holy fuck......this is genius......

Kek Ponzibot BTFO

No, that is horse shit.
Our biggest token holder bought at the ATH with 50 ETH. He has made over 25+ ETH in dividends alone just sitting there.
Stay mad

While you're all here, I just want to add this PSA.

PoWH3D wanted futures. They didn't say which currency they wanted them in.

You are wrong. Please keep bumping the thread for free, though.

Lol, both of you got scammed.

The guys who joined early and don't mind leaving are cashing off you (the devs).

You got Pajeet'd.

I won't join to payback .01% of the 20% you lost, just stop trying.

>He doesn't understand the graph
>He doesn't understand we're moving beyond the pyramids and into a whole new world of dApp madness

You're retarded and the only people who have complained about the math being "off" are Ponzibot and his discord because they have an agenda.

If you actually know math, you can verify yourself on wolfram alpha that the values inside the contract are in fact linear, and I invite anyone skeptical to do so

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>thinks i got scammed
>doesn't realize i bough in on the dip
>doesn't realize im already way up

every time i think you say the dumbest shit i have ever read, you go around and produce another huge thought turd.

Are you retarded? I just checked my 1 Eth today (kinda forgot about being in this) - it's up heaps and I have a TON of divs. Oh and with the futures they get multiplied. Oh and now I can bet on PoWH too. Oh and now I can mine this new token.

In this bear market only 1 thing went up - this shit. Have you seen the new buys? Fucking insane. I actually hope there's a dump soon, I want to buy more!

So just fucking FOMO in. Or bet on it failing kek

>doesn't know how to green text
>can't poo in loo
Is there anything you shitskins are good at?

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>are you done yet

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Kek I love that we can short Ponzibot soon - that's hilarious.

That said, I really hope they bring out bets for other coins too. Imagine the first successful Ethereum derivatives DEX being born on the back of this. It's fucking beautiful.

I would probably fuck her, but only with a condom that I know for sure she can't have made any holes in


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My favorite part is it being played with a speculative token, so if you already hold EPX, it basically costs nothing to play, and the value could always go up.

There's really nothing like it to compare it to.

It's up about 100 Eth from the last time I looked at it - how is that dead?

Holy fucking shills Veeky Forums

You can cry all day. I won't help payback your lost 20%.

Just accept some loses and get your money out before Ethereum tank even more.

Or even better convince others first then do it next to cut some loses.

>mommy he's not playing by the rules
>ignores the new mining algorithm

All I know is EPX is going up, paying dividends to holders along the way.

You'd shill it too if you invented a new mining algorithm ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

>complaining about shills on /shillz/

It's a 10% deposit you absolute cretin, jesus christ.

I've been in profit for over a month and a half.

Real white paper link:
ah whatever 17 shills with 4 posts each lmao

what dont you get? if I sold everything, i dont know why i would, i would be up 2 eth.
what sort of fucking delusional tirade are you on? you arent arguing a point anymore, just REEEEEE.

You will lost another 10% when you leave :^)

So you'd lost +20% in reality.

You sound like a fag, and your shit is all retarded

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Yeah IKR? Fuck I'm happy I chucked 1 in when I did. I just want to see what they do next? Collectibles obviously, Etheroll clones etc. And bring able to trade it on DEX, kek it's genius.

Why would I leave when the devs are creating a world first every week?

That's the other thing too - a new Proof algo kek. Wow.....just wow.

>mommy he's not playing by the rules
You are easier to spot than glow in the dark CIA niggers

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How much of a fucking brainlet do you have to be to realise that these contracts are zero sum games?

When did anybody say they're not? You guys really need to try harder if you're going to FUD this

kek, it make sense if you joined like with the first 10, otherwise not really.

You sound like someone who's desperate.

Creating new ways to scam you, lol.

This. Even worse if you joined early with a good sum you snowball easily. So most shills here are losing and too desperate so they shill to get the next idiot in.

**Money** is a zero-sum game you retard


>being this mad about meme arrows

You aren't even trying anymore, man. You look like you have an agenda and this thread is solely about discussion of the new tech. And it IS new tech, so you really just look mad.

I wonder why? Surely you are not simply invested in the competition?

>not even addressing the newest gen mining tech
Where did you go to buy all the pre-mined salt?

well our number one token holder bought the latest with 50 ETH, and hes already made half his invest back alone in dividends, not to mention the price increase sing too.

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>being this retarded
lol u mad?

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>26 posts by this ID
>accuses me of shilling

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bump me harder daddy


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How do you know I'm bumping?

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The guy's made $25,000 putting his ETH in what is effectively a secure wallet. What have you done today?