Binance moving too it's own chain to deal with blockchain assets in new ways

>Binance moving too it's own chain to deal with blockchain assets in new ways
>Binance CEO does a speech about the same concepts and ideas at the Jibrel Conference last month
>Jibrel will be able to provide jCash on Binance with jUSD,jKRW and many other options for fiat in and out because jUSD can be sent to your bank account and you can send directly from a bank account to create jUSD or whatever jCash

They are working together. They are probably one of the institutions that are running jCash pilots.

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Sounds like a far-fetched conclusion to be honest but I hope you're right.

It's not far-fetched buddy

Mother of God...


Bittrex is using TrueUSD, Bitfinex garbage Tether, do you guys think Binance won't use jCash?

With a coin burn in the coming weeks this is 50dollar token now

isnt binance using tether already ?

Binance CEO shared a stage with jibrel during their ICO

t's the truth, CZ already said they would become a fully decentralized exchange if the technology existed to support an exchange like Binance. He also went on to say that Binance has such an advanced transaction system they can handle around 25,000,000 TPS. More than any existing blockchain in existence.

not so far fetched when the Binance CEO is at their conference

>tfw might actually make it

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I hope you're right but I'll believe it when I see it

Yes but Tether sucks uses tether and trueUSD, there's nothing stopping binance from using all of them at once

Really hope this will be kept under the radar for another month or so. I need to get my funds from ICOs and go all in this shit!!

jcash is not going to be on exchanges. this has been stated multiple times. it has to be kyc compliant.

There is many alternatives to Arab coin. trueUSD, DAI and many others that are fully backed by banks. Also, JNT cannot be to exchanges since its not KYC/AML compliant. So stop shilling this arab coin because you bought it at 0.70c and its going down the drain after the pump.

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Im on the same here, if this is true JNT is soo underpriced right now.

If jCash is implemented image the huge amount of locked assets from binance just to cover its daily volume of jCash trades. Billions

Maybe Binance will become KYC compliant and enable jCash for verified users? One can hope.

He literally had a conference on it.
1,400,000 TPS @ 1% system load. Watch it yourself.

2018 will be one HELL of a year

but you're forgetting that the whole point of the project is to target institutional money. retail customers are an afterthought.

when you think about it, this is actually much better than a binance listing or tether replacement. i really wish i could just go to sleep unitl the dao comes online

will this pump higher short term?

At the same time, exchanges are institutions eh? Jibrel would only be offering services to Binance aka an institution, who would take care of the costumers aka retail investors. Am I retarded or what?

They say binance coin will become their native coin in binance chain and this will mean you use BNB to buy assets in binance chain.
Tough luck kid, you are better of buying BNB than this shitcoin.

You do you homie

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does this mean binance is transitioning into a dex?

No one knows, but I think binance will be the centralised exchange and binance chain will be their decentralised exchange, so binance chain will have its own blockchain with BNB being the native token.

why would they run 2 exchanges? who would choose a centralized exchange over a decentralized exchange?

I'm so excited!!!

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Yuge if true

Speed and control.

I mean it was literally 1 week ago when they undid a load of transactions to the cheers of everyone.

You won't get that on a decentralized exchange.

yeah makes sense
but you can control your wallets on a DEX

it's comfort vs control

basically doing a quoine.

almost bought a week or so ago, based doom poster shall prevent me from buying in the future.


i am immune to the coin with a logo that looks like a future logo for the lbgtq community