To all brainlets who can't figure out what's happening in the market right at this moment

To all brainlets who can't figure out what's happening in the market right at this moment.

We're are seeing all dumb money exit the market while the smart money waits for an entry point.

How much do we still have to bleed to get there? That's the million dollar question.

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Bitcoin without dumb money = $100.

Who is this faggot?

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Savagely underrated and ignored post

Dump money = normie monie = hype money

Bitcoin is 99% hype and 1% darkweb market usage

agree. same goes for pretty much every crypto though, especially ERC20 tokens.

Join us you dingus. Sold at 11k waiting for 7-8k to rebut. When the normies see that 20% day they'll rush in again. It's a endless cycle

6k-8k is more of a goldman/morgan-type entry point, assuming they didn't already sell off and moved on to developing another bitcorn currency

Smart money enters in approximately 29 hours 30 minutes

literally not even profitable to mine under 6k. His comment wasn't underrated it was stupid as fuck

also a global immutable decentralized asset has literally never been done before, so its value is almost priceless. Kill yourself if you don't see the value in that system.

Smart money is not entering until the bubble fully pops, which it obviously hasn’t yet.

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Hey guys I about to buy bitcoins so I can trade them for drugs on the darkweb. Please can you dump and then pump thanks.

all money is dumb

Actually u should end it

Volatile currency is worthless and current crypto can never be stable

So many newfags on biz who think Grandpa sucks. They 100% think they're smart money as well.

>literally not even profitable to mine under 6k

I won't sell my coins below 6k because else the miners can't make a profit?
What the fuck do I care about them?

People will sell whenever they want to sell for whatever price they want.

Get off my board you newfag.

>Volatile currency is worthless and current crypto can never be stable

You're a complete brainlet. If Crypto is tied to FIAT it'd be fucking worthless. There's INTRINSIC value to Bitcoin. It's literally a digital gold standard.



Smart money understands game theory and are all trying to buy lower than other smart money. This leads to a game of chicken where you want to buy at the last minute but also before the other big boys.

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Or we all just Hold what we have. Then we all win

question is how much more pain do we have to endure

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I don’t think it’s a matter of how much but of how long. Once this goes on long enough there will be enough idiots out of the market and institutional money will jump in (April 2nd)

I'm scared for crypto after reading this


It's not profitable now, but as the price falls miners will stop mining, which reduces difficulty... The profitability of mining adjust to the price.

>There's INTRINSIC value to Bitcoin

U aware theres a site where you can apply to start your own crypto currency now? Takes an hour to apply and a day for them to approve and launch it

U aware of hundreds of other crypto currncuiues?

>Listening to what kikes say on twatter

Bad idea goy

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and now the Tether bubble is also about to pop... oh boy, this is gonna be ugly and a lot of people gonna get /rekt/

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Well, there is intrinsic value to it. The money I save when I use BTC to make international money transfers is its intrinsic value.

Intrinsic value = reduction of transaction costs.

Save money with bitcoin transfer? How is it possible?

if someone who has a billion dollars to spend buys at 8k I really doubt they're dumb money you stupid fuck
Its volatile since its new as fuck

any single fuck worth more than 5 billion dollars could buy the whole order book on every exchange for a month straight and still have change to spare at the end of it all. Its volatile since we're literally in a new age gold rush

Have you tried to make an international wire transfer? Have you used Western Union?

>correlated assets
>hurr durr dispersion
Fuck off retard.

How do you lock the price of your bitcoins?

Central banks control volatility. Looks like you are deeply brainwashed. You will be taking my Mc Donalds orders this EOY

You're fucking stupid. You're aware you can make and print your own currency in real life too, right? Does that mean anybody will use it?

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>listening to /pol/fags on Veeky Forums

even worse idea

you have just admitted that the modern mythology we have all grown up in is a falsehood. a matrix of sorts to keep the rubes chasing a false idol, even those who would otherwise be capable of doing something about their predicament still keep chasing the ghost of money and since money is the only thing "payed" attention to in our society those people that forsake it for higher truths are kept at the margins of discourse and never allowed to enter the thoughts of the slaves

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nicely told

Not much longer. The really good ones are beeing accumulated already. EOS, NEM, Binance, PPT, SUB...

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