I've 4200 LINK, should I consider myself retired by EOY?

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don't think so, I'd be retired too

I think 2019 / 2020 is a more sane goal

Why? What is your price EOY expectation?

That's a nice $15.60 EOY.

1.5K LINK here, in 2 years I should finish college, I hope I can buy a washing machine, refrigerator and pay 3 months of rent with the money...

Yes you are going to have $4.2 Million
In 2 years that will be $22 million so keep holding

2021-2023 maybe

phd in cryptonomics here, the answer is: yes.

Ignore the $1000 EOY meme. $100-200 EOY is the ceiling, $1000 by 2020-2022

100 is still really optimistic

When people ask for eoy prices, they're more so asking for validation on their hopes of making it. Youre going to make it.

$100 is a lock by 2020 that is if crypto is still around.. if you read the capgemini report there are some legit use cases for smart contracts that can bring the prices of ETH and LINK up by a lot.

LOL, Your links will be worth at least 20k eoy

if link just does 3% per day for the rest of the year its 1000bucks.easy

People will be selling at 5-10-15....-100-200
these are some of the future posts:
> buy LINK it's only 5$
> is 15$ a good price to step in
> Coinfess: "I sold at LINK at 20$ now its 100$"
> LINK wale here: I own over 1000 LINK
> I bought a Lambo for 200 LINK
> LINK = 0,1 BTC

I hope so, I feel like this another one of those chances to earn some money that only happen once in 20 years...

im just waiting for one of my shitcoins to moon soon so i can put it in link.

No, I have 3x as many LINK and don't think it will retire me at least until 2020. Back to the deep fryer user.

Not this year, but possibly as early as 2020/2021. Just hodl with iron hands and start increasing your stack through staking as soon as you can.

Trust me dude, we’ll be at double digits by month’s end.

Lmao we’re going to have red days dude


You should consider yourself retarded even today

50$ EOY THATS x100 guaranteed

if you own a single link, you're more wealthy than 95% of earths 7 billion in year 2025.

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