It's always sad seeing a wagie die from years of wage cucking...

It's always sad seeing a wagie die from years of wage cucking. A high level executive in sales had a massive heart attack in the airport last week. Was 59. He probably wage cucked his whole life and was looking forward to retirement. Unfortunately, a life of being a wagie completely clogged his arteries and hours after getting extremely angry on the phone beca of a wagie related issue, he suffered a massive heart attack.

So don't be a wagie and don't get mad at wagie issues.

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Sad. What industry?

Trucking industry on the manufacturering side.

This post is so ridiculously offensive I don't even know how to respond. You're a real piece of shit.

must be a wagie...

True, my Dad died at 53 from working too hard.

Never work hard unless it is for yourself.

I don't see how it would be. It is a lesson every highly conscientious person should learn from. Some people feel like they HAVE to wage cuck to be fulfilled. But it is a bad path that can easily destroy your health and since these types take waging seriously, they actually get so angry over wagie issues that they die from it.

t. wagie

My neighbour died from a heart attsck at only 59 years. The guy was killing himself working for a super market chain, always travelling around and not much time for family. He left 2 sons and his wife who are devastated. That happened years ago and i swore to myself that this will never happen to me. Watch out for your health anons because these soulless corps will work you to death if you let them.

but he said it's sad, so he must feel sad for him, OP is actually a nice guy

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>high level executive

A former coworker of mine died at 65 a few months after retiring. We worked at a grocery store and he kept talking about how much he was looking forward to getting out of there. I saw him not too long before it happened and he seemed happy.

>died from working too hard
Yeah I’m sure the clot in his artery had nothing to do with that. Don’t worry OP, you definitely pound beer and mcdonalds every day and not suffer a heart attack as long as you never work too hard.

Wagecuck here, why do non-wagies keep making these threads to mock us? I don't see any threads about being a neet around here, so why is every other thread being made about how much being a wagecuck sucks.

If you are in a fortunate position to have a good income without needing a job, great, congratulations. But why do you feel the need to rub it in the rest of us less fortunate people's faces? Do you honestly crave for human attention and interaction that much?

Most of them live on mommy and are hoping to make enough here to avoid working.

A terrible diet and never exercising is the way of the wage cuck.

being an executive is being a wagecuck....i am fucking executive and the anxiety is the same no matter how much you make /month

Most senior executives exercise every day, especially CEOs.
>execs are wagecucks
They literally don’t work for wages

Just got a job cleaning houses after being a NEET for 4 years. My dad got relly mad yesteday so i said, shut up ill get a job tomorrow if you just stfu. So went and asked for a job today starting next friday if i dont kms first. 29 y/o only have 30k in crypto.

>most senior executives exercise everyday, especially CEOs.

Lmao please that is not even close to reality

Fuck this post made me laugh my ass off for some reason. Just the thought of some NEET laughing at a wage cuck and then coming to post it on biz with that stupid pepe bunny picture.

Prove me wrong

look at this photo of a tired coal mine worker. sad.

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