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general bitmex/other leverage trading site thread, post your biggest gains, losses, advice and memes

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If I sell it right now how much btc would I gain?

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point your mouse at Unrealised PNL then you'll see how much you have if you close market

you have to put your mouse cursor on 0.0020 XBT(19.67%) and the number you see there is what you have made

Started with 0.08 XBT got to 0.23 XBT now down to 0.14 XBT

Need to wait until the charts are easier to read again, too much obvious manipulation atm


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Just moved all my shit from KuCoin into Bitmex.
Gonna wait for some kind of confirmation. Bitcoin is a shitshow right now. Could go up, down, left or right at this point.

What the heck 0.0018 XBT. Thats like $16. I shorted x10 on 11 NEO, shouldn't it be more if I gained 17-20%?

>other leverage trading site
What else is there to use aside from bitmex? Sorry lad I'm a bit new to this


You never know with bitcoin

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there are fees for opening a position and then fees for the leverage


How does it work on bitmex?
Higher leverage equals higher fees?
Their "Fees" page is not terribly clear about this.

dont trade on high leverage, 25x is the biggest reasonable, anything higher than that is pure gambling
check your skills on their testnet
lastly, most importantly though, be patient.

My personal max is x10. I'm not going over that.


But I opened on 11 NEO and x10 leverage my profits should be around 0.01683 XBT right?

arent they?

no... Its like 0.0021

You open 1 NEO on x10 leverage you faggot
now gtfo and learn basic maths

It says 11 NEO

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does reducing your leverage in the middle of a trade when you're already -30% ROE reduce your losses?

biggest loss 7k usd when binance fud hit and this shitshow of a exchange crashed with my position open, without giving me a chance to put stop losses, close the trade or do anything.

and your gains overall?

well after that robbery its sth like 1k, used to be 5k

not bad desu, any advice?

100x and hope for the best ofc. buy high sell low


Check out this rollercoaster

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Okay biz this is my bitmex journey hopefully some of you newfags can benefit.

I realized btc was going to tank before it dropped hard in early jan so I tethered up. About a week or so into jan it became obvious there was not much opportunity to profit off of alt's so I started trading on mex.

I started off depositing lunch money (20$ or so at a time) and trading until liquidation before depositing another 20$. My plan was to continue doing this until I was sure I cold consistently make gains before depositing real money. For my first couple days or so I was liquidated in < 1 day. After that I went a week or 2 before getting liquidated about 3-4 times. As it stands I've been going since feb 4th or so on my most recent 20$ depost without liquidation. That desposit has turned into 440$ currently. This can been slow steady growth up to 440$ not me lucking out off a 100x or some shit.

As I would get liquidated I would consistently try different strategies. People are successful using a variety of different strategies and what works good for someone else might not work as well for you. Try a variety of different strategies to see what you like.

Experiment with using different indicators for your TA. The indicators I use most frequently are not what is commonly seen and I would have never discovered them without having been willing to experiment.

IMO here are the 2 most important things to understand conceptually.

One concept that is very important for your success is the concept of divergence between indicators and price action. You are trying to spot when an indicator says something is going to happen that is different than what has happened a moment or two ago. That is partly how you predict where the price will go in combination with analysis of the price action itself + the longer term trend.


It's common for indicators to give false signals, especially on lower timeframes. You need to do something to further verify that there is some validity to a divergence you have seen on a specific indicator. This is where the concept of confluence comes into play. You check other data sources to see if they are telling you the same thing as the indicator giving you a buy/sell signal. These data sources are typically the same indicator at different time frames as well as other indicators.

other small tips
-It's way more important to consistenly minimize losses than make big profits.
-use stop losses always
-do not trade super high leverage (I use 10x mostly, 25x if I am very sure of a move)
-do not trade very short timeframes until you have some experience.
-if you trade for entertainment you will be liquidated, play it slow and steady

If you are starting off I reccomend philakone1 cryptotrading tutorial playlist. He has some pretty thorough 1-2h videos. Just skip the elliot wave videos. Youll need to do more research beyond this about other indicators that arent covered but that will get you started. If you want to become consistant you will probably have to get liquidated a few times also, so start with lunch money.

Wait, you're saying you've managed to accumulate a staggering wealth of $400 and you're here to give us advice?

It's not about the amount its about consistently profiting and the percentage gain. I'm trying to learn to make consistant gains before risking my own money. That is just some of what I have found is working for me. I recognize that I'm new and may still get liquidated soon but If I continue to profit through march I will throw real money into the ring.

I have been profitting flipping alts through research + buying and holding since 2014. I recognize that I don't have much experience as a trader and am not dumb enough to throw money away for nothing.

its not about the amount of money you make, but about the %
he made 2200%, nice profits you must agree with me on this one
I agree with the advice he is giving, especially the one concerning stop losses and using 10x-25x leverage

Fair enough

Do you even know how leverage works nigger?

>-use stop losses always

So what ratios do you use for your stop losses?
Do you use TP (Take Profit or whatever it's called on bitmex) too?

Fuck yes made an extra $10...

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>biggest gain: $40,000
>biggest loss: $60,000
lost most my stack to this shit, fuck me up senpai

i do all these manually by market buying, set a logical stoploss that protects me from random market movements that could trigger my liq price (someone buys or sells couple dozen of btc)
I set it 1-2% from my entry point.
Another good thing to know is to wait for proper entry point. Today, I have been ready to enter for like 3 hours now, but I am not certain about whats going to happen so I am still waiting.

always adjust your stoploss to leverage. Try to think of leverage trading as of daytrading but with amplified magnitude. When you daytrade 10% gains a day are fucking A, where 10% in leverage is a single trade most of the time.

For stop losses it really depends on the currently price action + the time frame you are trading. If im trading a a mid length time frame(2h-12h) i'll look at the past price action to see how high its likely to swing without my prediction of where its going being wrong. I will put it just beyond that.

If that is too far where I would be taking a significant loss from it trigering than Its questionable whether It's a good time to get In. I might let it get closer to a resistance point where I would typically place my stop just beyond before getting in. The longer the time frame the more room you will have to give it to swing so entering a good time to minimize that is important imo.

If its a short time frame (like if im trying to scalp) I will typically buy into momentum and place my stop very close (5$-15$ awat or so) to my entry point. I'm buying into some momentum so it typically will continue going in the direction I anticipate and I'll get out ASAP then repeat.

>Another good thing to know is to wait for proper entry point.
Golden rule.
I can generally catch a pretty good entry point, but I always screw up my exit point.

Never used take profit it seems interesting though. Might have to experiment with that

Some of the candles on bitmex lately are nuts. Makes me question whether the accusation being thrown around of them insider trading to liquidate has any validity. You can be making good decisions and get rekt if you dont have a stop loss setup.

no your position is to small, you should have done 110 NEO it would be a lot more then yes.

Whales will always mess with the price to trigger stop losses and get people liquidated but I don't think BitMex themselves are engaged in this. Winning trades are paid out by the losing trades. The accusations are from people who just lost money gambling and look for something/someone to blame. Plenty of people who aren't big stacks and make a living of BitMex raking 100-300$ per day.

This. The devs make a shitton of money on the hundreds of orders per second. They don't need, nor should risk everything by fucking with the market.

take profits during the trade

I agree it's probably more likely whales. It doesnt have to be the devs themselves if it is insider trading though. It's always possible that they have some lower level employees that aren't profitting off the business to the same extent that have just enough access to info.

Whales is more likely though.

I have very little in futures and use pussy leverage only but please listen to
because every day I read about about a blind goat that wins some pocket change, gets overconfident and doubles down in horrible positions and leaves with nothing. When you enter a trade, make sure that even if it's the worst trade of your lifetime you can still trade tomorrow.

> stoploss
> I am still waiting

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Meant to quote

>shit drunk yesterday due hitting 30 years age
>despite every ounce of me saying no, I bough all in on longs 25x at 9398 and set close at 9511 then went to sleep
>it actually sold during the night and when I woke up it was at 9008
Thank you Jesus

no you fucking idiots, the fee is based on your position size.
if you market buy/sell 1000 contracts, you pay a fee on 1000 contracts whether your leverage is 1x or 100x...
if you put an order in the book and someone takes it, you gain a maker fee on the size, no matter what the leverage is.

congratulations on your b-day ?

Anyone on here every shorted/longed anything other the Bitcoin on Bitmex?

Dam bro gz. I'm just holding on to a 10x short from 9480 or so. Gonna ride it down to 8200 and maybe below. Load up on shorts imo. Stop loss just above 9500. I doubt we break 9500.

happy for you user
30 too but i doubled my money then lost it due to greed
i'll learn

It's all good till his bots start hunting stops and liquidations

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Yes it can be very profitable. Trick is too long ripple when coinbase rumors start. Have mobile notifcations on for there twitter. When they come out and deny it, market close than short.

Coinbase is probably going to add them out of nowhere anyday now so it might be a good time to long assuming BTC doesnt tank and pull everything with it.

Coinbases twitter*

Just bet all on red at a roulette in a casino at this point

they made this website to scam the white man and give their money to the black oppressors. one day the tables will turn and blacks will get what they deserve. we were kings. we had our own cultures. we developed our own technology.

>Were kings
>Developed our own tech

if thats roulette then whole crypto is as well

from the weekends harvest

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fuck teach me

im too scared to try to long or short at Bitmex, everybody seems to be losing money

Opened a 10x long at the bottom of the last dip, betting it won't go under $8000 and holding it until $11000 at least.

What's your experience anyway? I traded stocks for 12 years before getting into crypto and ultimately contract trading.

This. You don't really need to know any TA, just bet on rebounds. I basically yolo x100 after relatively large changes and close them shortly after and I'm doing fine.

Problem is you never know where the floor is.

aka gambling. enjoy it while it works and your brain gets addicted faggot. then that 5x i na row you fuck up but cant stop trying will lead you to lose all your gains.

T.A is just as effective as flipping a coin.
get yourfucking head out of your ass

I'm not a retard. I only trade with 10% of my funds at once. I know how to keep myself in check. I went 1000% through Jan and Feb. Get fucked.

confirmed for not making it

ta is not patterns only, ta is also the effective use of indicators which is what makes a trader succesful

> aka gambling

Which is totally different than putting your money into XYZ coin hoping it does a x100 right user???