Will it ever go back to ATH?

Will it ever go back to ATH?

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>100b supply
>gibs 4 da 3rd world

$10 by eoy

>implying they won't spend it bulk on everything you couldn't sell for fiat

I would love to say yes, but I highly doubt it user. I doubt we will ever see our old coins recover. I already bought a helium tank.

>Listening to Veeky Forums ever
I bought a garden hose long enough to hook the end of my exhaust pipe into the cabin

I literally buy XLM when everything crashes because this coin does nothing, ever.

I'd be happy with $1

XLM is the perfect boomer coin and i dont mean that in a bad way. it's gonna be around for along time and will appreciate well in excess of inflation.

i like to think of it as the clever man's coin.

Obviously. Literally the best coin in the top 10.

Contrary to ripple, XLM token is necessary to use stellar network.
If 3rd worlders want to exchange money between their shitholes (through the various projects being implemented right now), tokens must be held by the plateforms.
If the tokens are dumped on the market, their business won’t work.

> Many traders keep repeating the same mistake: They take small profits and let the losses run. The main reason to work systematically with an investment concept is to get the best average performance.This requires placing a stop-loss with every trading position and calculating the profit target when opening a position. Hoping that losses will become profits by waiting a “little bit longer” is gambling. It might be appropriate once in a while, but in the long run, it ruins every account.

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>1 usd
>6k sats

No, it will go down to $0.03

im starting to lose hope. ive seen my large stack slowly dwindle since january. i keep telling myself, just hold. i watched it go from 5500, to 5000, then to 4500, then 4k, then 3500, now its testing 3k, soon to drop to 2500 probably. i cant take it much longer.

It'll go past it, but you guys are going to have to be patient during this slow season. There's so much good shit on the horizon (no pun intended - read the roadmap), that xlm is going to become a staple of internet payments in the near future.

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Buying at ATH is not for weak hands.
Stellar is not a shitcoin. They already have many partnerships and more are about to come. Be patient.

Pump da stella whiteboi

>the thinking man's coin.


yeah sure

Yes at the end of April XLM will reach ATH

>implying they will

Coins like XLM, NEO, OMG etc are a long hold coin. Do not buy in if you just want a quick +20% in a month profit. You buy in when its low to hold for the long term.