If I buy $4k of these, will I make it?

if I buy $4k of these, will I make it?

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I am skeptical as to whether the dividends/rewards payed by holding/staking the token will be worth it.. I believe a lot of people will be unimpressed and price will not go so high.

One reason for this skepticism is that I wonder how strongly the OmiseGo protocol will fair up against similar plasma cash cryptos. Although they do have the first mover advantage.

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You need 4K tokens, not $4k worth of tokens.

new exchange, bit meh but it's something.
regardless, accumulate before April/May and you will be alright


fucking lol

this user gets it

I really appreciate this level-headed talking point. Pretty rare on biz. The fact that the Plasma dev team is working WITH Omise is a big advantage to me. Sure it will be open source, but as you say, OMG will be the first-to-market so all they really have to do is deliver what they say they will (which they have so far).

And re: staking, the starting number will probably not be astronomical but as the network gets adopted for use, the transaction fees -- which will be low, but you're also dealing with a million transactions/second -- will really start to pile up. More tokens will get locked away. The circulating supply will dwindle, and the price of a single OMG token will get squeezed higher and higher.

You're skeptical about OMGs version of Plasma literally developed by Vitalik, but put your faith in unknown implementations by unknown teams?

so how much OMG do I need to become a $5Millionaire?

I fucking hate it that im starting to doubt my investments.

I love OMG, and been holding it since August but jesus fuck I havent gained A SINGLE FUCKING DOLLAR 7 MONTHS

In 2 years

If the roadmap goes according to plan, anywhere between 5k and 20k OMG.
Are you holding for a year? Why torture yourself by watching the BTC correction bleed the whole market? Check back in August.

checked, anything can happen in this crazy market.

next month you will post
'i haven't made a single dollar in 8 months'
in 2 years you will come back
i have $10.6 million to blow, I simply do not know what to do this this amount of money!'
you know you have made it, it just sucks sitting around for the inevitable.
best of luck anons

OMG has roughly the same supply as ETH. What's the price predictions in 2 years?

I "only" have about 1300 OMG's. I really dont know If thats enough to make it.

Im planning to hold for 3-4 years. I dont have the balls to trade.

$5k atm are less than 400 OMG. I'm sure you are ok. With a circulating supply roughly the same as ETH, I'm sure it can go to $1k/OMG with staking.

Or am I wrong?

no one knows. That's the scary thing with omg. I might be something that is valued millions in just a few years.

Or I might be missing million moonshots by just holding OMG.

fucking lol


you needatlest 100k omg for the staking to be any worth to you.


>an actual solid portfolio thats not 100% shitcoins

Im impressed user

it's FUD, or he's actually ignorant

Hodling will pay off.
If they deliver of course.

>need atleast 1% of every coin in existence.
the fuck

im retarded, it's .1%.

Not sure what's funny about HORSE.

I buy every dip and sell every peak to try and accumulate more. doesn't work every time but usually I get a few extra.

not only do they have plasma and first mover advantage they already have real world use case with omise immediately when the implement everything finally. think about that for a second what better way to entice new applications of the tech than literally showing a working product on a large scale. competing companies won't have that luxury.

Yeah and them mentioning about seriously considering adding other fiat tether combinations was bullish as fuck.

Still, omg is a long game it will take a while before they have it all running.

And btc looks very unstable right now.
If it breaks down we could see cheap omg.

Thats why I sold a large part of my portfolio.
If btc visits 6k or lower in the near future expect omg to go to shit with it.

I might miss a 10% up move because of this but I do not want to be over invested in crypto's if this shit goes down.

Thinking of splitting my icx holdings in half and buying omg. Been reading up on it a lot and really love the coin but it hurts me to part with icx at this price. What do you guys think?

Not even close

The token did not gain significantly during the last bull run and has been stagnant for 7 months, why would it gain if we enter another bull market?
Why is an Omise token a good investment when Omise isn't even in the top 10 payment companies in Thailand?
Why did Omise hire devs without checking their credentials?
Why stake a token that will take 13 years to get a return on investment? (if you bought right now)

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OMG (OmiseGo)

OMG coin is still showing as a developing 'power house' among the 'payments (gateway)' sector, as well as the 'payroll processing' sector. The data sets have the 'payments' sector moving into a growing
pattern from late March onward through the rest of this year, with 'payroll' being the 'shout about it'
area of cryptocurrencies.
The supporting sets have the 'payroll' sector being influenced by 'officialdom corruption' that will go to
include 'retirement contributions' in some 'scandals' being forecast as coming into visibility in pace with
the death of fiat currencies, and their central banking systems.

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Is your other thread not going well?

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>No counter arguments

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Omg master race