ETH price

What are your predictions EOY and why

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$150 because it's a ponzi and ICOs will rape it during this bear market. How are ICOs like ICON and Wanchain funding their huge teams and expenses? They'll use their almost 100 mill in ether.

11$. The age of icos are over.


And don't forget fucking Tezos and Eos. Tezos just started spending money like crazy now because the foundation is functional again.

$2k because it's the only large scale functioning mainnet block chain that's been stress tested and has a road map to scale further

At this stage I'm not really seeing any signs of how it will become more useful in future.

What tokens on the ETH blockchain are actually promising? Even money skele was critical of this on twitter.

We all know LINK will be blockchain agnostic.

But then again its competitors can't even get their shit together either

I'm guessing it will make it to at least 1k. But I think it could make it to 2k and then stabilize at 1.4k-1.5k

The coin only took off in 2017, the market will not toss out such a powerful performance within such a short time.

There are many other coins that are more or less obsolete (Litecoin) that still carry value.

ETH essentially stated dapps and has a serious corner in the market. People thought BTC was done and they came up with Segwit.

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$200. It is a good project, but everything has been overpriced.

But if nothing of note is being developed on said blockchain then it can be the size of the universe and yet be irrelevant.

Size doesn't matter

ICOs are not the only use case of ETH.

My predictions
>$5000 a couple of days before PoS hits the main net
>$10000 by 2022

2K if they figure out a way to protect institutional money from hackers and code failure. Legit hedgefund money wants to invest in emerging tech but they need re-assurances that if a parity type hit happens they wont fuck their investors. Hopefully EIP 156 or 867 will allow for the chain to bend. If not ETH then some chain will come forward with this feature.

He's suggesting that previous ICOs will be dumping it.

you're completely deluded if you think nothing of note is happening on ETH, even people who hate ETH know that

Is there a date for POS yet?

How much can someone expect for using it?

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There's no other use case that will offset the dumpening.

>He's suggesting that previous ICOs will be dumping it.

So what? ICOs have been dumping ETH for over a year and it had only negligible effect on the price.

People argued in Aug/Sep/Oct 2017 that ETH will be dead by EOY 2017.

Committee of financial services meeting tomorrow on "examining cryptocurrencies and ico markets". Expect good news, fucking brainlets.

Vitalik mentioned 5-10% once IIRC.

It doesn't really matter, though. The point is that normies will recognise PoS as dividend payout.

Once a release date is announced, prepare for massive FOMO.

I've held ETH since Genesis and I've never seen people talk shit about any other coin the way that I have ETH.

I think it's mostly Bitcoin maximalists who are getting scared of the Flippening.

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Name one use case..

I'm just looking for one example to give me hope.

The way that *THEY* have ETH.

Tons of people, especially people holding considerable BTC have talking extreme amounts of shit about ETH.

The worst thing about ETH is how it gets treated as some sort of pipe dream philosophical research project where ground-breaking tech is always 5 years away instead of an actual platform where businesses and people stake millions of dollars on.

I agree 2k in bear market, 5k to 8k if we end year with bull market. Think it hits 3k this year in early fall though.


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>id verification
>legal contracts
>online marketplaces
>health record mgmt

I could go on, but the point is that no one knows what will take off. There's too many unknowns in terms of technical feasibility alone (scalability, how hard it is to create bug-free smart contracts, adoption, etc). That's why I don't hold shitcoins longterm.

The chances of the underlying platform to fail are minimal in comparison.

shh. still padding my retirement fund.

2-3k sounds reasonable to me.

Conservative est is 1-4-1.5k

ETH started at next to nothing in 2017 and flew up to $1420 on Gemini.

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Correcting someone's sentence and then fucking up your own kek

Nah I keep fucking my own sentences up. No idea why. lol

People probably think I'm a pajeet by now anyway. /endthread for me

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Thanks for taking your time to speak my brainlet self

$2k to $8k per ETH
Vastly more jobs posted in 2nd half of 2017 = more projects.
Switch to partial proof of stake - some supply will be locked in
Anticipation of full proof of stake
More conferences, wider adoption, penetration in normiedom

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Anything that’s pure fucking theory can be blockchain agnostic you spunkbubble

ETH gets faster and bigger with every update while it’s competitors haven’t even left the starting block *hehe

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The people who will invent all of that shit have already been born. Its what comes later that scares me.


When the markets in general realize that BTC and BCH can't rise significantly because of the Tokyo whale and his 160k stack, the king will die. Then the flippening. Then long live the king. The greatest transfer of wealth will be BTC and BCH market caps bleeding into ETH

Everyone spread this more

Then BCH will rise from the ashes as Satoshi dumps his tulip trust BTC for BCH in 2020. SC this shit

Pls be true

the competition has gotten it's act together

there will be pools
google smartpool
there were pool icos, too

storing information on the blockchain

there will, most likely, be a major war that triggers innovation, like all major wars have all throughout history
i wonder what (((idea))), ie mineral, this world will be fighting over

why would ethereum diminish in usd value?
wouldnt it diminish relative to other cryptos in growth but still grow in usd, as usd is slowly but surely printed into obscurity?

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Eth kind of scares the shot out of me, I say this as someone who's held it through the dao hack and got fairly rich off it.

Here's a few things that bother me
1. They could fail to scale making eth useless
2. Solidity is a shit language and nearly half of all smart contracts contain bugs. Who the fuck would trust them?
3. ICOs are going to be regulated to shit
4. If the eth protocol ever does get hacked, it will go to zero. Bitcoin has 8 years of trust behind it, eth is a continual moving Target with all it's development efforts.
5. There's like 6 different implementations of ethereum. One of these, parity, has already lost 200 million usd due to technical failures.
6. It's hard to scale ethereum or shard it because it relies on global state tracking, it's very design is antithetical to sharding

If ethereum doesn't scare you longterm you haven't thought it through. I've since moved most of my holdings across more guaranteeable coins.

which protocol do you think will start from scratch, having these issues in mind, and improving on the mistakes? sometimes its cheaper to erase and start over than fix old problems, right?

What a stupid fucking post. A post was made about the future of innovation and another post was made bringing up the problem that low iq population are exploding and expanding. It's got nothing to do with "cheesecake" or whatever other stupid inaccurate analogy you want to use, improve your reading comprehension sweety

I don't actually know. Cardano and tezos are on the right track I believe. But ethereum is more appealing for mainstream appeal.

If the cardano protocol ever does get hacked, it will go to zero. Ethereum has 3 years of trust behind it, cardano is a continual moving Target with all it's development efforts.

This is exactly right.
Cardano isn't lead by nutjobs in cat pajamas

If the tezos protocol ever does get hacked, it will go to zero. Ethereum has 3 years of trust behind it, tezos is a continual moving Target with all it's development efforts.

The difference is the design philosophy and approaching things from the standpoint that security and mathematical provably correct smart contracts are a first class feature.

found the ETH cultist, take your insane jabbering elsewhere

point 5 is completely false and demonstrates your lack of fundamental knowledge - multisignature smart contracts and wallet implementations aren't the same thing retard. also geth is more popular as thats what most of the infrastruc

he's right though, there are different implementations of ethereum and it makes development that much worse

basically ETH sucks, Bitcoin will crush it once BTC contracts are out

also geth is more popular as thats what most of the infrastructure services use like infura

traders and speculators deserve need to gtfo my crypto. you are a cancer on this space

yeah rootstock with its centralized sidechain

I still hold some eth you homo. It has first mover advantage as well as the most developer mindshare of any crypto project. But it's not a guarantee, and you'd be a fool not to hedge your bets


Nice complete nonsense bro. Bitcoin will be the one getting crushed. Ethereum is a juggernaught

5 bucks because it's imaginary internet money that doesn't really exist