Should psychopathic children be beaten/tortured?

I think if a psychopath murders an innocent child, they will eventually learn the golden rule if you beat them and torture them every day for a few years. At some point they will feel regret, and that regret will birth a feeling that they themselves are on the recieving end of something they thought was ok to do to others. Even if they lack empathy, they can learn/make the connection between their actions and the actions done to them. They are smart enough to recognize the conceptual value of the golden rule.

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Behaviour is 100% genetic, there is no such thing as learning behaviour.
The only way to remove a specific behaviour from society is slaughtering all individuals displaying said behaviour.
Besically everyone expect most of the japanese deserve to be murdered through discriminating nanoswarms tbf honest.

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I don't think they should be beaten/tortured necessarily but you're right that classical conditioning should work.

Humans are nice to other humans because of innate empathy. We're hard-wired to care about our group. The difference between SJWs and racists is that the definition of "group" varies in size (from all of humanity, to just your own racial group) but either way it comes from the same empathy centre in the brain.

So you'd have to apply a different approach to psychopaths. Humans are still animals, so if we can't be decent to one another because of empathy you could still maybe get a similar result if you sufficiently condition (basically brainwash) a person.

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Japanese are empathetic as fuck, but they suffer from the same thing as german ss and canmp soldiers- they trust the orders from above, and if their siuperior says its ok than they think its ok. Japs are mostly a very friendly people. Their level of violence is almost non existent. A japanese cannibal is walking the streets today and is a guest professor at art exhibitions. Thats how little violence there is today in japland. They dont even keep a cannobal in prison. The goodness and repentance of man is sacrosanct and trusted.
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Torture is likely to teach them violence is normal and acceptable, and that it is an appropriate means of controlling others.
Take for example children who are beaten and grow up to beat their children.
You would make this problem worse.

It might be counter intuitive, but psychopaths are often the symptom of a more bigger social problem. If that individual was born in a loving family, surrounded by lots of friends and sympathetic people, the worst in him would've not developed. Kids learn by observing their environment. Personally, when I was a kid I was oblivious of many issues in world mainly because I grew in a loving and caring family. I was bullied by certain kids and I didn't understand why. Later, when I grew up, I learned these individuals all had family problems or poverty issues which exacerbated the problem. So yeah, I don't harbor ill will towards people like them, but it shows problems should be addressed at a larger scale, not individual.


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Just send them to the gallows. Who gives a fuck what they feel cunt.


Unless of course you're going to start a business revolving around beating Psychopathic children, then let's hear your pitch

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Won't work. Psychopaths feel no emotions, including fear. If anything all this will do is make the psychopath try harder to not get caught


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