Serious Discussion Thread

Hey fucks! Lets have a serious discussion thread around REQ.
What are the chances for adoption?
Which dapps do you see working/failing on the network?
Are you expecting for it to scale alongside ETH or do you see it moving to another blockchain?

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Im bullish on REQ, and own 20K, but im worried bigger entity with deep pockets is going to come around and do it better one day. I'm all for competition in the marketplace, but for mass adoption, a company LIKE paypal, visa, chase will come around and kick REQ to the curb... Or purchase the tech??

alll those companies neeed to make an operate while req just needs the price token to increase and has no overhead expenses

Predictions, cap this and check in two years:

>REQ will have 6.4 billion market cap when crypto market cap as a whole hits 1 trillion
>REQ will move to Cardano blockchain in 2019 due to Ethereum failing to scale
>REQ’s fiat integration will available by December of 2018 and will drive the token price from 2 dollars and 80 cents to 6 dollars and fourty two cents

Req will be part of making crypto go mainstream im buying in again soon sold at 30 cents

OMG will put you out of your misery

I agree, which is why im still bullish on REQ... Its just the nature of the beast.. Someone bigger and stronger will always try to come around and do it better.. If REQ is adopted on a mass scale, they're going to draw the attention of a lot of people; a lot of big companies as well...

>What are the chances for adoption?
100% considering they already have businesses lined up to integrate it as soon as mainnet hits. Latest update tells more about this.

>Which dapps do you see working/failing on the network?
I could see a Patreon/kickstarter alternative work as a DAPP on Request Network. A decentralized patreon/kickstarter so that the artist gets the most money as the fee is the only "cut" someone gets.

I could see some betting/dare application where instead of the winner getting the tokens the loser just burns their own token made in a smart contract as a game mechanic in certain gambling/or literal gaming applications.

>Are you expecting for it to scale alongside ETH or do you see it moving to another blockchain?
It will scale with ETH. Remember the amounts of tx ETH allows for ERC-20 is higher than paypal. If for some reason it doesn't scale well or needs upgrading in half a decade time there is always the option to decouple from the ETH blockchain. But I don't foresee this happening this decade.

Checked! Great predictions bro!

OMG and REQ don't target the same market at all.

OMG=Crypto bank account
REQ=Financial platform for financial dapps

OMG could be one of the dapps running on REQ.

>serious discussion

depth chart on binance looks great, new floor soon i bet.

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I feel like most pajeets and brainlet normalfags are scared away from the board already.

So now it's possible to have serious discussions again like we used to 2016-early 2017.

10k REQlet checking in. I've iron-handed it this far, might as well keep going. You think mainnet will be part of this Friday's announcement?

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Understandable concerns, however, there are 2 things I think you're missing:
REQ has 1st mover advantage - meaning its already developed and being deployed.
Also, REQ is much more than just a payment system, it will have dapps on top of its network allowing for different kinds of services to emerge, increasing the adoption. Paypal, Visa or Chase only care about transfers which means they would only eat a part of the pie REQ is trying to achieve.

Thanks! I like your idea of a Patreon/Kickstarter powered by the Request Network.

Did you even read the last update?

They said the code is complete and they'd be issuing a bug bounty. Since that was two weeks ago, I think it's about time.

After the audit. Audit will be complete and will start the bug bounty friday

Except fiat integration’s by the end of Q2 and they’ve been on time with their roadmap thus far, with no reason yet to think it’d be delayed by that much.

thanks i'm actually a brainlet and wanted to know the answer to this question. figured bait was the best way.

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Yup this and his predictions contradict eachother.

10k here as well. afraid to go more, also because wondering if post mainnet dip will be incoming. REQ is one of the most legit looking projects out there to me, but I'm leary with all the shit in the market right now

I honestly believe REQ and RCN are the two most promising coins that plan to use smart-contracts and ChainLink's decentralized oracles. I believe they're both going to be huge in the future.

Right now I'm 100% into LINK, but once I get a significant moon, I plan on moving about half profits into a 50/50 split between REQ and RCN.

If REQ had a 6.4 billion market cap the token would be over $40 idiot

I'm the same but instead a 50% REQ and 25/25 on LINK/RCN

Don’t be afraid. I have over a million Req. I’m more and more confident that Req will grow.

hmmm..... no it wouldn't user.
Marketcap = Circulating supply x Price

sounds far fetched but paypal is worth more than 10x that. it's not impossible

Do you know any other projects that look as promising as REQ and RCN?

I wanna buy in at the ground floor of as many solid projects that plan on using decentralized oracles as possible.

OMG but that one is even bigger in market cap.

Believe it or not good crypto companies are pretty fucking rare.

$9.66 actually

keep skateboarding delusional faget

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How are you getting these numbers? REQ can, and maybe even this year easily hit $45. If the price of one REQ token is $45 it's cap would be around $7 billion. Do the math on how to get to a 45 dollar token from a 22 cents token. It is double checking your math

lol i trol u

22 cents * 204 = $44.88

Current market cap is : $135,616,360

$135,616,360 * 204 = $27,665,737,440

I think maybe you're looking at something wrong.

Stop making a fool of yourself and go back to school

Not that I think this is likely or anything but it's possible the token burning reduces the supply of coins meaning the price per token might be higher while the total marketcap might be lower.

Don't forget about the token burn. If Req is adopted by many companies, the token burn will increase the value of the token, independently of the market cap growth.

The current market cap is actually based off of $.203948 though, so we'd actually be looking at about 220x from the current position. So at $45 we'd be at around $30 billion.

Yea once you add that in it's a different story. I don't think we can even accurately calculate it yet.

More accurately just so you know, the burning will reduce supply ==> reduce market cap. The effect on token price is secondhand (not fudding, I have lots and lots of REQ and I'm holding forever)

The old not knowing supply and demand play. Haven’t seen that one in a little bit

look at the volume on Binance
everyone is done accumulating and we're now waiting for new whales to buy in
actual price is probably around .30 but daytraders keep pushing down the price

Maybe you're misunderstanding me. I'm agreeing with all the good sentiment and everything. I'm just stating matter-of-factly that it doesn't work like "one token burnt means $x.xx raise in price. One token burnt means marketcap formula changes from:

marketcap = total coins * price of each coin


mcap = (total coins - 1) * price of each coin

Obviously, supply and demand dictate that price should go up...this is why token burning is a great idea (and perfect for REQ w/ $0 operating expenses...this is one of the clearest signs that the REQ team is in it for the long haul).

See what I mean about the price rising being secondary though? It's an effect of the mcap going down, which is a firsthand effect of token burning


If REQ burns tokens for every transaction doesn't that mean eventually all the tokens will be burned and the software will become unusable?

You are correct however most tokens that will be burned will be bought directly from a decentralized exchange such as Kyber or 0x meaning that the burning will put a direct upwards pressure on token price while also reducing the market cap at the same time.

You are correct that burning doesn't magically increase price but because the tokens that will get burned have to come from an exchange this will be the case.

>REQ id
and you're still not in user?

This is why you can't do your own research either.

Stop glorifying anti-intellectualism

Won’t staking play a role in price if they choose to implement it?
I’m bullish on Req because of its adaptability—currency agnostic, and ultimately it could be platform agnostic (eth, eos, hpb, hashgraph, etc.)

Sounds good. How about Tuesday?

Is there an incentive for buying a bunch of REQ and staking them/putting them in a node or whatever? (Sorry I'm unfamiliar with the whole passive income concept when it comes to crypto.)

REQ tokens will be "burned"

This means that every Request Network transaction a small fee will be paid in REQ which will be permanently deleted/destroyed and thus the supply of REQ slowly drops over time.

Staking will likely not happen but the burning of tokens has the same long-term effect as staking anyway. As the supply drops in the long run. Giving you a larger share of the supply by just holding automatically.

This, selling REQ once mainnet releases is a really dumb idea. It's passive income. Just get yourself like 1k REQ or more


He’s not being intellectual

Alright I kek'd a little.

i just hope for $1 EOY. not asking for more. PLEASE