About to dump 500k usd into JNT

I'm about to make this graph line go up.

last chance /biz

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No wait

> waiting for a dump

It's not going to happen

no pls stop


No you aren't you fucking larper.

Already holding 450k. Welcome bigger brother.

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That's captain, to you.

Shill me

do it faggot I dare you


wait bro HOLD ON

Fuckin do it on kucoin please

hurry the fuck up,

tell me on wich Exchange or you'll be broke b4 friday.

Do it!

Le I will do it xddd nice larp faggot, Kenyan dollars don’t move the market.

You disappoint me OP...

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cause this a larp.

No it's not.

Good investment if true. Unfortunately there isn't enough liquidity on Bibox, Kucoin, Gate.io, and HitBTC combined to fulfill such an order.

Any proof you can provide?

Oh it's a larp. I'm more interested in why you would bother.

Is it listed on all of those?

>implying rich people are stupid enough to market buy with those sums
>wait a second, it's Veeky Forums

Yes and also Coinrail and IDEX.

Wait please. My pay check comes on the 23rd, fud this for now

I'm pretty sure he is just trying to sell some JNT and get people to buy him out by larping.