Be honest

Be honest

How much did you lose to crypto?

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bought the top, didn`t sell

im still up 3x my initial investment. am i doing it wrong?

Started with $2000 , all time high was $10k now at $1500 fuck me

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I'm down 44% from my original investment but I'm not selling.

Started with 600, I am now at 15k.

I’m still 2.5X up my original investment from October.

Was up 10X in January though.

Confession: my portfolio has been mainly LINK and COSS this whole time.

lost $3k
put in another $3k
technically back at my initial investment :^)

Me too, I started in September. When did you start?

It makes it a lot easier to bear when youre still up your initial investment

So far 17k

Actually kekd, hope you make it user

unlike 95% of biz apparently, i started before summer 2017, so im still up well over 100x my initial investment ( which wasn't that big sadly)

i took my initial investment out long ago, along with a juicy profit

however, if we talk unrealized gains, then i have immense losses lma0

mostly because i sold like 250 ethers at 300$, if not less

sold 2800 antshares (neo now) at 8$

i had 1,5 million verge that i bought for 5 satoshi back in early spring last year, for like 250$ or something, sold at 17 satoshi

also had 300k xtrabytes that i sold for 150 satoshi

bought into the tron ico and got like 250k trons, sold at barely above ico price because china fud, must have been around 3 eth worth back then

whoever said not to hold shitcoins can promptly go kill themselves

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25k ---> 175k ---> 35k

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i never made any investments after november and i've been pretty lucky just guessing when to cash out and when to buy back in so i've still only made gains

in the bullrun i had $80k, now i only have $30k.

capital is $11k.

in the next bullrun, according to my estate, if i just hold and do nothing, i will have $200k.

Keep dreaming bitboi

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I still got 33k up from 3k but I am a massive failure having started in April last year.

$800 --> $7000 --> $1100

Not cashing out end of December was my biggest mistake.

Currently down 1100 from my 2500 dollar investment. If I would have waited one more month and spread out my purchases more I could have doubled my fucking stack JUST . Currently stuck with some heavy ass bags at least most of my stack is in ETH.

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Christ you got JUSTED hard.

You're never going to see a good return any more, you're DONE SON

7,000 total USD invested. Blockfolio is at 3500 now. First investment was in the beginning of December 2017 (not the best timing considering I watched ETH rise since summer of 2017). If I didn't sink 1k into deep brain chain I would be doing better, but you live and learn.

Still up x2 of my initial investment. I’m good, thanks.



Although I was at x10 at some point.

august 2017, but ive made some awful trades. i should be up at least 5-6x.. i was up 10x in december

80,000. Already purchased the helium tank.

ATH was 15k, now at 13k just playing with small change

Still up 4x from my initial investment. But peaked at $50k during the December bull run, down to $20k now. Should have fucking tethered up but I decided to brainlet instead.

i lost my dignity and that can never be replaced


like 400 dollars

started with 500 back in the summer, ATH was 32k. Now im back down to 4,800. Feels awful. All my friends who started at the same time as me are multimillionaires. One of my friends was all in Raiblocks since last summer and literally hit a fucking 10000x. its fucking dumb as fuck

$10k --> 450k --> 220k

but I did cash out 30-40k along the way, paid off initial and all credit cards

initial 10k was half real money half the last available on my credit card.... financial escape by gambling credit glad that worked out ok


None, I bought bitcoin at 5k, so still slightly up on my original investment. Since January my portfolio has decreased nearly 50%, but those were unrealized gains, I still haven't eaten into my initial investment.

Virtually 15k profit lost.. Still up from initial investment.

I keep dumping paychecks in to stay around 10k, it just keeps going down and I keep putting it in.

put in around 2k at the 5k highs right before the china ban in september and the following crash.
Somehow, I lost money in november and december, but made a killing in january and did went to a high of 22k right before crasing to where i am now which is 10k

around 1,5k

I purposely try not to think about it, it helps me sleep better at night

literally nobody does this

You got greedy, and got JUSTED. Hope you learned your lesson.

I lost my sanity because of this shit.

140 dollars in the january crash, hoping to be able to grind them back and beyond.


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Unironically this
No way you'd be under your initial if you got in 5~ months ago, maybe even earlier.

20K > 45K > 15K > 200K > 15K fuck crypto

are you sharpie-user?

save your justed comments i heard them all and pray that *if* you make it big you have the brains to take profit

>be me
>8k in crypto
>up to 24k
>fall for the hodl meme
>down to 8k

Fuck hodlers holy shit sell when you have profits guys.

Same senpai

>Tfw broke boii in college with $40k debt

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It really does feel like the end of the world for investors. Crypto boom is halfway popped and now the stocks are going to pop as well along with the rest of the economy.
If anyone has any savings left in 2 years after the recession, then investing into either cryptos or stocks... or anything pertty much, will bring him guaranteed gains.

As of right now I’m still up 4x

Made 417%. Sold the top

Started with 100$ back in Jan 2017
ATH was 33k$
Now at 14k$

Pretty much everything. 80+%. At this point, it doesn't matter if I lose the remaining 20%. I'm fucking done with crypto, I'll come back in a year and check on my stinky linkies. I'll buy more BTC if it dips tho

>You got greedy, and got JUSTED. Hope you learned your lesson.

Meh, unless you perfectly time it, you fucked up. I waited too long, i.e. I was greedy. If I had cashed out in October, I'd have been a weak-handed retard, instead.

Either way.

Started with $13k fiat, now my total is worth $9k. I bought in at the end of January and got obliterated by the early February crash. Most annoying bags are the $2000 worth of ICX I bought at $9.55

down 18% today from when I first bought in mid jan. Friend shilled me on it literally the day of BTC ath.

Thanks user, your the reason the bubble is still going

Keep buying, the next bubble might help you IF you sell, like the smart ones did at 20k

not much, i mine and have free power, fucking love crypto.

Keep inflating the ponzi scheme. The next sucker will lose, not you

Up 6x but I already pulled out initial investment and profit

Are you me?
I have the same losses except I'm retarded for going mostly odn in my port. I'm going to 0

>total fiat investment: less than $1000
>ATH: $250K
>now: $130K

Who here fucked up buying shitcoins instead of bitcoin? If I bought bitcoin I would be breaking even but all these shitcoins fell anywhere from 60-90%

1000 dollars give or take