Somewhere out there a new multi billion dollar market waits to be discovered

>Somewhere out there a new multi billion dollar market waits to be discovered

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Stem cells

Bitcoin in a few months.

Or, just make one up like crypto.
Get others to buy in.
Deny and and all naysayers who ask if your product is"real" or not and not just a money laundering scheme

That's not undiscovered by any means. It's just unfeasible at this point.

Kneepads and helium after crypto dies.

crypto beanie babies

Not really you can harvest your own through bone marrow

Time travel tour agencies. Unironically.

Something to sell to cuckolds

It’s vastly under utilized. We haven’t even begun to touch the potential this has. Imagine one day a kidney transplant only requires excision of the organ and then and injection of stem cells which regrows into your own bio identical kidney.

Better yet, imagine never needing a kidney removal because stem cell injections keep your kidneys as healthy as a 20 year olds.

Imagine nanotech programmed stem cells which eradicate cancer cells before they even form.

It’s a great big beautiful tomorrow

i work in the field and none of that will ever become reality. it just isnt how stem cells work.

Who would create time travel and then share it? Maybe with your loved ones, but not with strangers.

I actually have a few bets that are almost certainly to be huge in the next few years, but I have no idea how to invest in them.
>A big one is brain-computer-interfaces
Recently there has been a wave of papers that read brain activity usinf fMRI and EG and from that for example reconstruct the images that were seen by the test person as the brain activity was recorded.
There are a few startups and a research group at Facebook that are working on devices that will increase temporal and spacial resolution each by 1000x while making it portable and cheap. This technology has literally the potential to go x10,000 on any investment made now, but Facebook is already overpriced, and there is no way to invest in startup unless you are a VC or something.

Yes, which brings us to our next question—
What is the next Bitcoin?

My dad works at Nintendo and says you’re a faggot

But in all truth I have no idea how stem cells work kek

>Find the next multi billion dollar market
>Only have $50 to invest

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Social companionship industry

We are more lonelier than ever


Siri and Alexa will fix it.

>But in all truth I have no idea how stem cells work kek
they're not hugely complicated to understand if you are that way inclined, but the idea that they will become a cure-all isnt true for lots of reasons

hope for disease cure will come from other technologies, not stem cells

who cares about a new multi billion dollar industry when crypto will be multi trillion dollar industry?

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It's called link you absolute fuck face
We discovered it, buy in before the herd

Fucking kek


You can buy those expensive ass dogs and cats and clone them. Sell their clones

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cryogenics freezing

Now only the true believers are into it. Once things start developing and people see actual progress, this market will 100000% in a single day, just image being able to actually buy eternal life, how much people would be willing to pay for that, something that every single human on the planet would want.

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Asteroid mining

Deep sea mining
crypto (not dead yet)

Also synthetic (lab) meat