Who here muthafukken /comfy/?

Who here muthafukken /comfy/?

They basically said they're not announcing anything big until market is healthier, but they're still putting out some neat updates on progress every few days.

Can't wait for the based water-stealing-conglomerate (Nestle) partnership in the coming month(s)

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I love that their marketing team isn't full of retards... Dropping little gems daily but waiting for the right time to start dropping bombs.

why are you trying to help biz user?
this is one of those coin that you should be fudding to accumulate at this price while bizlets think it is a scam. Don't worry the fomo will come on its own at the right time

Cool. I will ride the Link train for a few thousand more sats then swap into this. Team looks awesome.

Finished accumulating a few days ago, thought I'd pay you niggers back after shilling me RaiBlocks in december

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Every time my friends attempts to fud this, 50 new wallet addresses get added to the ambrosus erc20 contract.

We've given up at this point and are just trying to accumulate

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Holding 2k

Am i going to make it?

This coin is a steaming pile of cow dung

Yes, yes. I remember you retards calling RaiBlocks a scam coin, commie coin, etc back when it was $1. KEK. Just go through AMB's website and look at the insane qualifications their team have. PhD professors from the best european universities and 10+ years of experience in very high up positions of relevant industries.

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Sell at $5 or $10. That'll give you enough capital to hit the next moon.

that's weak... you can do better cmon

Take a leaf from the general thread from last night lol

You genuinely believe 5 or 10 is in the cards? And on what timeframe? I've seen PharmaPhag project it being a mover in 2019. MountainJew has it earlier. WatchBro said he's moving into it after some other moons. Kimchi is in it already.

Also it is bizarre that four tripfags are shilling it?

t. massive AMB position

I caught the kimchi threads but I'm not sure about those others you've mentioned.

I think $10 is easy if they partner with a huge pharmaceutical company. CEO already said that they have an NDA with a british pharma manufacturer.

My take is that if they show some good token economics and announce their partnerships in the coming months, this shit will fly. Way past $5. It'll hit VEN territory market cap this year IMO.

I agree with you friend, may it be so

Also, you're not going to hold for a masternode? Going to dump after pump?

Depends on how the masternodes work. If it's like VEN, I'm definitely holding a portion for that sweet, sweet passive income.

This thread needs more FUD. Wheres that BearWolf faggot.

We need a convergence of all TripFags, somehow they all got locked in the AMB ecosystem.

The mong'll be here the second someone shares this thread in swissfaggot's telegram.

How much do you reckon is needed for a masternode?

Don't worry, you will beg me to open a telegram in the end. Daily reminder: NO price action this month OR the next.

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