Bitcoin cash is going up will bitcoin is going down. is this the flippening that the prophecy foretold about?

bitcoin cash is going up will bitcoin is going down. is this the flippening that the prophecy foretold about?

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Paid shill is obvious, cause nobody outside of Ver and his gang of pajchinks call this crap anything other than bcash.

Bcrash maybe, btrash absolutely, bitcoin cash.. no.

>pic related, it's you in a couple minutes from now

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Bcash is a shitcoin, like every Bitcoin fork.

Do us a favor, kys.

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>Bcash is a shitcoin, like every Bitcoin fork.
You realize they added Segwit with a fork right?

Getting more and more triggered every day. Its honestly pleasurable

>supporting anything shilled by jihan


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0.002 rupees added to your account

Looks like someone's working overtime pajeet, someone's getting rice for dinner!

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I prefer bcrap.

>they havent figured out that bcash and ver are intentional fud
>they havent realized that all the early adopters switched to bch

>green IDs
flippening immenant, kek wills it

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>Paid shill is obvious, cause nobody outside of Ver and his gang of pajchinks call this crap anything other than bcash.
In other words you're saying you are too much of a bitch to make your own decisions so instead you do whatever the crowd does? And you think you're going to make it investing?

I wonder who the corecucks are boycotting today

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is there anything more pathetic than a bcash late adopter? at least other altcoiners don't actually believe some chink miner profit coin actually has any shot in the global market.

either that or you're all in on the joke.

post your face when you finally realize you've been suckered, conned, brainwashed, astroturfed and shilled by jews who tricked you into supporting their altcoin called segwit

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What about the only coin planning on doing a direct 100% transaction to block entry ratio for global scaling rather than using the fractional reserve blockchain offered by Segwit. What about a coin that is capable of smart contracts and since it has a 100% block entry ratio 100% of the transactions can have smart contracts added to them (smart contracts can't go offchain and be decentralized). What about a coin that offers privacy features and a fully public blockchain allowing the user to choose to be public or private. What about a coin dedicated to 100% SHA-256 ASIC mining which gives the network exponentially more security (rather than BTC Segwit whose devs are advocating ASIC resistance and POS)? What about a coin whose devs believe the blockchain is what gives the coin value and therefore want as big of a blockchain as possible.


> Your jesus is holding Bitcoin.
> Your jesus got Bcash for free and didn't invest a penny.
> Your jesus profits from promoting Bcash as Bitcoin (BCH) to deluded twats like you.
> Bcash forked with minority consensus.
> Bcash is currently valued at approx 10% of Bitcoin's value.
> Bcash has around 10% of hashing power that Bitcoin has.
> Bcash has no solution to scaling other than to increase blocksize infinitely (retarded af).

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mum he said it again

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>Bcash forked with minority consensus.
It forked with like 40% of mining hashrate. Nodes aren't consensus. Miners are. And the majority of miners on BTC at the time of the fork preferred BCH. It's like 70% of mining power is held by BCH advocates.

BTrash is almost below a 1000. That garbage should’ve been kicked off of Coinbase months ago.

So Bitcoin is Bitcoin then? I'm lost at what you are trying to say. Don't hate Bitcoin Cash, just not understanding your thoughts on miners.

I'm saying the large miners mine the most profitable chain. So if you define Bitcoin as the longest chain with the most proof of work then Bitcoin Segwit is Bitcoin. However, most miners that mine Bitcoin Segwit do it for profit, not because of personal preference. What Bitcoin actually is at this point in time is up to interpretation. Most likely Bitcoin Segwit, but Bitcoin Cash has a shot (long-shot) at the title.

Why is Bitcoin more profitable if it had minority consensus as you say?


Imagine being this stupid. Jihan has the majority hashrate, so pretending 40% wanted btrash is blantant stupidity. People mine btc because it's actually worth more.

Not only Jihan controls the hashrate. There's a remote shutdown on every Bitmain's ASIC miner, you know, just in case ;)
It's going to be glorious watching the panic of all those nocoiners FOMO in after the conference.