Kill me please

Kill me please.
Just put me out of my misery.

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being this poor


fukken rekt

user.. i cant believe you have done this

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Ik this pain.
I was at 0.27BTC 2 months ago and now I've only got 0.095BTC

Kek are you all in on Ada or somthing?

Thanks for making me feel better user

Have gone from 4.5btc to 3btc in a couple months

Idk this feel

I turned 0.1 ETH into 6 BTC in 3 months lol

I was balls deep in DBC and KCS. Sold when I had 0.14BTC, put that into HPB and now i only have 0.095BTC.
This shitcoin thing ain't for me.

If your btc graph is this rekt, the usd graph is even worst.

This from someone all in btc and getting rekt.


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At least you didn't get scammed out of 0.4BTC by a pajeet like I did.

Wtf did you do you faggit. Went all-in in ripple at 3 ?

Wow. I can hardly imagine a worse scenario. You got rekt with a passion. Nice work.

Hold with diamond hands and avoid link and you'll be OK.

I fell for the meme

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I put .5 ETH into it and I just laugh every time I open my portfolio now

buy MTH and you'll get it all back in a week.

>holding altcoins

omg what a mess
buy bnb and hold for atleast 4 weeks

Do you guys not know about tether?

Literally me

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