I am on my way to pick a nice outfit when I watch Sergeys talk and have a nice glass of wine

What are your suggestions biz? I am thinking of something like in the picture

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Good luck user. Fucking /biztards bought all inventory of that chad shirt

I thought he was doing a musical performance

maybe we can buy the factory soon ?

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I doubt lucky brand would sell to linktards

I debut mine tomorrow.

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provide us with a timestamp.


stream of talk where bros?

extr𝓪 l𝓪rge

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>I am on my way to pick a nice outfit when I watch Sergeys talk and have a nice bag of Big Macs

how about you don't have a glass of wine and instead 2 bottles of wine. then show up for the talk completely hammered and in sergeys outfit

I don't trust pink ids, but those trips are hard to ignore.

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im getting a big mac for dinner, not even kidding
will post a thread later

oh damn didnt even notice the trips. op has to do this now

am i still banned

I guess not

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For those attending the SXSW conference, dont show up in Sergey's Lucky Brand shirt. He will be angered and will punish us by dumping all his link at market value.

I'll buy the dip

hey that's my pic asshole! that's my pool table!

My bich got me a flannel with that pattern for Christmas still haven't warn it whats your address I'll send it to you

Checked. Make it 3 bottles now, OP

I have a similar flannel shirt that my wife bought me. I'll wear it tomorrow. I won't shave either.

Please mail to:

344 Kearny St
Suite 1.2
San Francisco, CA 94108

Thanks user.

How funny would it be if the whole audience showed up to his talk wearing that shirt?

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>Sergey gets embarrassed and fumbles the talk
>link drops 50%
>we all get more

Is the talk today? damn I thought I could buy more before it
hoping it wont pump because of the talk (it probably will now fug)

This is a fresh pasta

I really hope tons of people show up to the talk in the Sergey shirt, think of the lulz to be had amongst a sea of stinkys wearing the same shirt Sergey has on as he shouts on about smart contracts

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cant find them anywhere

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