What's your plan b if crypto doesn't work out?

What's your plan b if crypto doesn't work out?

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>Implying crypto isn't plan Z.

I'm all in

suck his dick

i have a comp sci degree so will code monkey wagecuck for mr shekelstein

kms myself unironically literally

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Crypto is like... plan D right now.

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crypto is already plan B, plan A was sports gambling, lost it all

im a marketingfag and still wagecucking as we speak
but if cryptos fail Ill off myself. cant take this wagie shit anymore.

Plan b is for pussies

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Probably wait for parents to croak and go all into asteroid mining

lobotomize my brain, cover my skin with dirt, get a dick surgery and fuck white women.

Maybe i will post interracial couples on biz

I'll go all in on whatever harebrained business idea this board comes up with next. Or kill myself most likely. Crypto is my only way out of this shit, not even LARPing. I'm getting real tired of this society.

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why is she making that expression? what does it mean?

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Wait for next ponzi and try to get in early.


Nigga it already happened.

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all i know is that you should check these dubs

I trade forex and Binary options. Crypto is more just for fun. Like a role playing game. There is no real money in it atm

There is no plan B. I don't just want to make it, I have to, and crypto is the final hope.

The mods seriously need to get off their asses and ban cuckposters

Pretty much bogged with debts already. I don't have any hopes for cryptos recovering this year. I'll wagecuck for some years until the next crypto hype cycle starts. fml

Plan D
dust off the old faithfuls and stretch out the old shit-pussy

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Why? Cuckposters are funny and cuck porn is actually pretty hot desu

I already wagecuck in a software dev company.

Meme coins are there to boost my savings and so far did an ok job at it.

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btc has finally stabilized at 9k faggots! we can now use it as a currency

>have masters degree in electronics engineering
>good job
if this crypto things doesn't play out, I'm just going to build a wealth a little bit slower

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Reminding me that Bitcoin is tulip mania 2.0

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t. amerimutt

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please tell me this girl does porn, i need to know who this is

going back to crime

Just rewire your brain.

>not "was"

Become a priest

Gib me dat bois

Cryptos is more like a game to me.
I have an actual job where I earn mid six figures and I don't need to risk my life savings to "maybe" earn some considerable income.

Side projects involving AI Neural Networks. Either contracting or full time at a big company like Google if it doesn't work out.

electronics engineering

Electrical Engineer here. What is the difference? I already had to work with microcontrollers and design chipsets with some C coding on the side.

How is "electronics engineering" even more electronics than electrical engineering?

I'd kms but don't want to make my family sad, so I'll probably go fight some mudslime terrorists until a bullet with my name finds me and I die a honorable death. If I were a burger I'd join the army and then later works as a PMC, but yeah, not possible in EU.

No, "is".

probably just go back to work lol, oh no

Short the market.

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I would probably buy a revolver and start killing thieves and other scums

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>walks straight to the IRS

fuck, thats a trap, still would tho


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