What sleeper alts are you betting on in the next few months, user?

What sleeper alts are you betting on in the next few months, user?

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AION, SophiaTX and QASH

Ncash and ethlend

KIN when Kik utilizes it at the end of the year too

LYM has an airdrop on cobinhood soon. I plan to ride the temporary pump for some decent gains.

skycoin best coin

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>Next few months

Nothing is going to moon in the next few months user. We're not in a bullmarket anymore and traffic on Veeky Forums is pathetic as fuck. Give it a year or two to double your money now.


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link only

The following ICO’s: XCM, EDN, LION, VEC

This, but far after summer. 2018 will be bearish mostly, which is good, I want to buy.

FunFair for me, CEO recently stated that we have "single digit weeks" between now and official partner (Casino) adoption

Damn, who's this semen demon?

that's my dad

Cloud Moolah



Privatix (PRIX)
>Low 1,000,000 token supply
>Low $4,000,000 market cap
>Active yet non attention whore devs, good for accumulating
>Decentralized VPN anonymous internet, nodes as usable IPs
>Tokens used to buy bandwidth
>Company with widely used VPN and working products with millions of users
>VPN services from company already purchasable with PRIX
>devs constantly updating on progress and putting work on github, yet community and reddit seems quiet

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VTR - 100x
WYSKER - 100x

Sonm seems cool. Looked into it after that DADI ICO ripped off their white paper

where buy? ill throw a extra ETH at this

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Lomocoin (LMC)

70+ staff member
300,000+ users
Working product (Social advertisement app)
New OTC trading on the app (legal in china)
Free daily airdrop of cryptocurrency

V2 of the app in china, new exchange, new website and new roadmap coming soon.

13 million $ Mcap


Available on Bittrex

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unironically jibrel




They released their roadmap recently, is a new one coming? Good to see another LMC holder


1 million TRX

Probably AElf, not sure yet.

Ops sry! Yeah they released the roadmap last week, forgot to edit my post! Keep holding, we’re gonna be rich soon buddy



Holding over 100k EVE here. If the OKEx listing rumour is true, then I'm gonna have more than $100k before April.

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331k coinmetro I'm 70% sure I'm going to make it.

ITC- Iot Chain


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Nobody's talking about QTUM anymore but it's going to be in the top ten by the end of the year.

ARK...V2 within the next couple months

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XTXX TaiChiChain as an absolute gamble moonshot

>hugely undervalued privacy coin
>original zerocoin
>MTP POW coming soon
>Gaining adoption in southeast asia

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Probably going to run 3 masternodes of this so I can retire before 30. It still needs private addresses tho

It was 30% of my portfolio at $7.
Fucking love this coin.