Bitcoin will be worth $10mil in 5 years

Bitcoin will be worth $10mil in 5 years.

Ethereum will be worth $500k.

Neo = $5mil

OmiseGo = $250k

Ambrosus = $20k

Abandoned: LINK

Litecoin will be the first crypto to ever get "hacked" which will create the most insane FUD flashcrash ever seen in a market. Bitcoin will plummet to $500 a coin as all the exchanges go down and DEX and OTC are the only way to buy and sell. A large cache of tainted MtGox coins will be sold for just $250 per on a darknet market called 2trunk, which will be one of many "darkcontracts" that effectively render Tor obsolete.

The Litecoin hacks turn out to be Charlie Lee's fault as a result of a Lightning Network esque experiment to implement extremely fast tx's.

In a surprising twist of fate, at around $650 per coin, Satoshi comes out of hiding to give us one last gift: a 50 page manifesto that explains the story behind Bitcoin and the philosophy behind it. I have been instructed not to say much more beyond this.

The reason I know this is because I am sending this from the year 2023. Physicists have been using Veeky Forums to send information back in time for about six months now. Don't ask me why I know this or am involved; it is most certainly illegal but noone will know because information can only go back one way. As soon as I post this thread, it will 404 on me, and I won't be able to see it or find it because it doesn't exist here.

There's a chance I myself could be reading this right now in 2018 and calling myself a LARPer.

I can assure you that what is going to happen in crypto and computing is beyond anything ever seen in human history. If you hold $100 in crypto right now, you will make it. Just don't give in to the Litecoin FUD.

Oh, also when I say Bitcoin I technically mean what you call Bitbean.

Well, I'm guessing this hits the text limit. Good luck Veeky Forums

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Okay I’ll bite. What other coins will do well in the future. How about ICX, ELA, PPT, VERi

Nice LARPing 3/10

>Bitcoin will be worth $10mil in 5 years.
>Ethereum will be worth $500k.
Your numbers are probably close enough, assuming you're referring to market cap, not price per coin.

>Oh, also when I say Bitcoin I technically mean what you call Bitbean.
Dubs confirm

Imagine how mental time travel/foresight would be though lads.
I wonder just how much someone could profit going back a decade, even if they were completely unprepared. What would you go for besides crypto?


Bet on every major sporting event I can remember, which is exactly 0 sporting events.

Absolutely got me

What a world that would be.

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bet on leicester city winning the premier league- odds were 5000/1 at one point

>Oh, also when I say Bitcoin I technically mean what you call Bitbean.

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I fucking love all of this.

I don't want to be killed by angry bookies though

Why is everyone so bullish on AMB?

nigga sergey Is satoshi, weak fud. 2/10

get better kike

Nice essay TGfag

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You can always bet on trump winning or brexit happening.


Based on what?


this dude has a one line attention span