>"Guaranteed 4x"

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>goes up 20%
>sell to buy lower
>keeps going up
>fomo kicks in, thinking the """""tokenization"""" is happening, buy back in at a higher price
>down again the next day

why am I so retarded? all you need is some patience.

What do you guys expect?
Tokenisation over the course of this year will increase price 4x, unlikely to do much more.
Whilst other projects have great potential to moon.
4x in a year a dogshit.

>4x in a year a dogshit.
>4x in a year

at least a guaranteed x4.5 in this year without the participation of any other investors or central banks is dogshit?

I want to buy more but there's not enough volume on the sell books :(

Yes, look at the ICOs in Q2/3, most will release 5x and continue to climb in the coming bullmarket. Fuck this coin.

The DAO buying back starts Q4 2018, so all price increase is just speculation.

Also guaranteed 4x in the crypto bear market where everything bleeds or at best trades sideways is awesome.

such as??????
that's right, none

thats just from ONE deal dipshit.Expect many more plus the value of speculation on top.20x minimum by the end of year.

no the buy back is happening now, just manually.Also the tokenization is happening now.I can provide proof for both of these, been confirmed many times on the telegram.

I don't understand why you guys are so obsessed with the DAO. Every function of the DAO will be manually handled by the Jibrel team until the DAO is functional, so it's not going to be revolutionary or have any effect on the price. It'll be necessary in the future when real demand starts picking up, but not really for the current pilots.

We ain't in a bull market right now so it's unfair to make that comparison. A lot of icos that came out the same time Jibrel did have performed a hell of a lot worse. Not to mention that x4 figure doesn't include speculation and wrongly assumes there will not be more deals to come.

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Endor, Hycon, Hashgraph, Sovrin, Neon, Open platform, Dav Network.

Look them up, their team, their objectives.

we gettin arab money

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>"""""tokenization"""" is happening
riiight... any second now, user, you just wait.

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Fuck, there's loads.

no, they're getting yours. idiot.

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you sure, nigger?

got in at ICO

never even dipped to that price yet

so again ,YOU SURE NIGGER?

Who here is looking forward to $1000 JNT by EOY? How many jibbies you loading up on?

who are you calling a fucking glow in the dark here? But let me guess. You also fell for the bitconnect scam, eh? :^)

6K here, IMO its $100 EOY, maybe 500-1000 next EOY

This coin is to complicated for the common Brainlets...
Collect more, they will realize that when companies and businesses start saying they are partnering with so and so. Then they will say "oh shit idk what this coin does, but the company is a big name" I had better get in on it. FOMO kicks and boom there we go.

>this is the best fud Veeky Forums can come up with now

let's face it. your shitcoin doesn't deserve better fud.

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quiet niggerjew

doesn't own the coin
can't let go of the thread

nice life m8

I'll be fucking ecstatic if we hit $100 eoy. But I think $20 eoy is more realistic.

ok retard

as long as this is on shady exchanges it will bleed
there's no point worrying about it because the volume is shit and so soon as someone sneezes the price will dump or pump because the order books are so thin

just look at this shit, there's not even a decent sell wall until 4.8k sats

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I know it's a meme but i'll genuinely keep loading up on this if the price dips