Has there been any name fags on here who got anything right?

I keep looking through the achieve of the bull run and seemed like most of these guys were off except one fag twentya

What are your thoughts on biz name fags?

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lol, linkshit. soo stupid

one of them was right. he said OP is a fag

in terms of overall info, my favorite has been watchbro.

namefags are like you said it, FAGS.

What’s he been like? I didn’t see too much of him

There's a reason everyone hates them.

oldfagbiztard is the only decent namefag/tripfag I have encountered on this board

allegedly an insider (as are all namefags), but he dropped some pretty solid projects. i got into his telegram before it went private and most recently he's mentioned:

Which means he is probably more legitimate.

The other gags are so starved for attention. The personas are fucking SHIT. I mean, be a fucking adult nobody cares about your crypto TA character or his internet accent.

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that twentya guy

twenty is our saviour

>What are your thoughts on biz name fags?

they just guess

yea right, came out of nowehere bragging about predicting btc's rise during crazy green dildos day after day, where is he now? he doesn't know shit about the market that's the truth

He goes by Bearfag although wrong with my early 6k prediction my TA uploaded has been real close.
I don't call us going up in an already bull run like the imposters.

He was a lot earlier, get ur facts straight pajeetfag

and what's his track record?
he was some fucking crazy delusional grandpa talking with no sense whatsoever. I hope he got his medication in time

BassLaster threads were entertaining

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It doesn't matter if somebody has had a streak of being right. Nobody can always call a market with certainty. If they could, they would be multi billionaires and be the talk of all of wallstreet, Veeky Forums, CNN, everything. Nobody wins forever.

That said, it can be beneficial to look at what ideas and methods were behind a successful trader's trades/calls. It's more important to look at that stuff than try to rely on one individual who you're just going to follow and expect to learn or gain from.

not even once

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Bearfag is a newfag who doesn’t act on his own predictions because he doesn’t have money, I shit you not.
Z or the oracle or whatever is literally “it can go up or down”
Watchbro is a retard who has solid pick mixed with absolute pajeetcoins. As good as guessing.
Kimchi whale is a weird shill with some info slightly ahead of the curve.
Swissbro is clearly knowledgeable and has connections.

>doesn't know who twentya is

Technically Twentya didn’t predict shit.
Yes he had an info about Wraith announcement, but this fucking announcement made only 30% pump. It was McAfee and normies who pumped XVG to x20

idc about xvg im talking other stuff

riddle user