What is the mainnet goes live tomorrow? And all partnerships will be announced...

What is the mainnet goes live tomorrow? And all partnerships will be announced, the team has been working hard these days(github)..

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there are no updates in github since november, moron

if you were here in October you'd know that edging is a cornerstone of the SmartContract.com company. There is no hype, only energy spent towards working on the product. In fact edging was what Sergey focused on for his Philosophy degree. This explains why partnerships are being kept secret and the suddenness of the inevitable singularity. When the singularity happens, be sure to open the Citizen app if you live in the SF bay area and look for an incident titled "office building flooded with semen" as Sergey et al will no longer be able to contain themselves. Sergey will blow the biggest load though as he's expressed a greater propensity of a hard on for decentralization. In fact in his interviews the first word Sergey says to candidates is "decentralization." No sentences or words around it. He looks intensely at their crotch, and if the candidate doesn't get wet or hard in 30 seconds the candidate is rejected.
With this information the reasoning is clear: a significant partnership has been secured, and the smartcontract team has been vigorously doing laundry or buying new underwear. This isn't sustainable however because the massive volume of pre cum will ruin the dry cleaning machines. It's only a matter of time until the laundromats find out whats going on. Hence it is a race against ejaculation, and a rigorous mental battle to keep their enthusiasm in check.

no, its pretty clear they said the partners will make the announcement themselves, you think this si some chink scam coin or what?

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then it's the price singularity, and all us LINKstas are gon make it. will we be so fortunate as to get it tomorrow? maybe, maybe not. either way, we are sittin' pretty with the best hold in all of crypto.

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You’re not in the shadow fork github?
>implying chainLINK isn’t the new designation for the shadowLink



Sorry to say this, but shadowlink already went singular. There are no available tokens at the only exchange - etherdelta.

The price is infinite

>and Jason Parsor is a computer code and not the face behind Sergey.


I also noticed that there aren’t any open issues left. many of the recent commits have been about updating documentation and renaming variables for consistency.


what am i missing?

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ur mom's dick

Weak FUD. Kys.

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>What is the mainnet goes live tomorrow?
Not very likely and it would actually be better if they don't release it in this bear market.

If nolinkers are this unpleasant before the opening of the price singularity just think of how bad it's going to be with them after

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Is that Chloe moretz or Hillary Clinton

This, link has only one chance for supermooning and we need bullmarket for that

the thing is big partnership won't happen until the customers can test the network themselves, right now you can run the node but it's only for testing purposes, no jobs/assignments available.

Either Sergy is testing the network behind the closed doors with his/their own nodes for big players like Swift, Docusign etc or we will have to wait for the partnerships until the network gains momentum.

What you guys think?


El fridgerino

Rory said long ago that there would be customers visible on the network upon main net launch.

Walletautism has shown some link from the dev wallets going out, could lend credence

ha, more like Sergay is testing google behind closed doors to find out what a real whitepaper is

so it means they are testing full mainnet with close partners. It would make sense. Sergey released some of the code to the public for a review and let people set up their Go nodes and behind closed doors they're checking how the full product works with trusted clients.


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What's the solution then, big guy? Nolinker genocide?

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we LINKers need to fund mental institutions to house all the rabid noLINKers. they will be unable to remain in society.

They are going hard, And these days 24h als the linkpool guy said that, its onli interface stuff the are fixing

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This company has a software engineer who contributed to the github.

They offer workers-for-hire so it makes sense they'd want to automate who goes where, what they get paid and under which conditions etc

mainnect won't come tomorrow, but if it were to, consequences would never be the same

Wow this is turning into vaporware even more than it already was. Projects still scheduled months out just to get the code to beta... Might want to reconsider if witnet is a competitor chainlink is looking like a solid 2019/2020 hold

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