A-are ya winning, user-Kun?

>A-are ya winning, user-Kun?

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no i lost 100k

now come and sit on my face

Nah, I’ll shoot my college but I’ll yell alluh ackbar

If I go down the world must go down with me

If I get another buds can someone tell me a good coin?


Go back


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no you

>Doesn’t know it’s a joke.
>Believes everything he sees in the internet.
>My deduction tell me your retarded.

Go back to CNN, I’m scare you’ll dox me.


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i think Yui already won, right OP?

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Autocorrect I’m on my phone I know it’s you are or you’re


>replying multiple times to single posts.
>replying to your own posts and not posting dubs guy

You're off your meds and it shows, Elliot.


Racist how? Other two sure, but racist?

Trying to pin a murder spree on an Arab is racist.
Yea, all Muslims are Arab.

Seems you're the racist if that's what you think.

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that is fucking nice

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