Let's be honest with ourselves, this token is massively overvalued

Let's be honest with ourselves, this token is massively overvalued...
The payout for staking is incredibly low and there is no reason to own the token outside of that.

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>The payout
is literally undetermined, and you're literally a faggot

Wrong. Based on the devs initial information and very simple math, you can easily get a solid estimate.

Not when you're missing TOTAL TRANSACTION VOLUME ON THE PLASMA NETWORK -- a key component of the equation -- you braindead dumbfuck. FUD harder.

Assuming all transactions of ETH take place on the plasma network, at the current volume, that would place the payout at a little less than one dollar per token per day. If it rises back to the bull run levels that would be just over one dollar per token per day.

A few facts:
>OmiseGo is a shitcoin
>Plasma will fail due to its internal contradictions

And let me add further, Vitalik will be in jail very, very fucking soon.

>per day
*year, not day.

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this coin is unironically my god.
is money is god, what is OMG?

Should I dump my 1000 OMG? Seems like a waste if staking gets me $1000 a year, that’s Vanguard grandpa territory

sittin on 4K OMG

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The point of Plasma and OMG is to provide a gateway for ALL payment systems outside of crypto to integrate with the ENTIRE CRYPTO SPACEC. ETH's transaction volume will pale in comparison to what OMG is trying to achieve with Plasma.

The absolute state of OMG fudders. Pathetic.

I would consider a few things before you dump;
The token did not gain significantly during the last bull run and has been stagnant for 7 months, why would it gain if we enter another bull market?
Why is an Omise token a good investment when Omise isn't even in the top 10 payment companies in Thailand?
Why did Omise hire devs without checking their credentials?
Why stake a token that will take 13 years to get a return on investment? (if you bought right now)

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>Why did Omise hire devs without checking their credentials?
Oh nvm. You're CryptoMedicated. It's hilarious how you can find all of your biz posts by searching "miglet"


literally who?

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So, maybe $3 or $4 per year?

That's a very, very generous estimation. You're assuming that everyone will need to or want to pay the higher fees to use the plasma network.

Had to correct myself.
One dollar per year.

>Why is an Omise token a good investment when Omise isn't even in the top 10 payment companies in Thailand?
So Omise acquired a top 3 payment company in Thailand but is itself not in the top 10, wtf are u talking about

>Why stake a token that will take 13 years to get a return on investment? (if you bought right now)
Assuming 0 growth in the future

Staking - It's an additional revenue stream that you get from your investment. My ROI will increase as the token gets adoption. Staking is a huge fucking bonus. It's interest motherfucker. It's the reason your bank loans you money - SO THEY CAN POCKET INTEREST on money they lend you. I have a quarter of a mil in crypto that isnt making me shit right now - at least now I will be able to sit on my fat ass and no I just made a few sheckles just by leaving my shit where it is.

>staking paying low
>beats dividends on stocks given price ratios
$1 on current prices would mean 7-10% gains per year. Stocks on the other hand net only around 3-4% per year, 5-6% if the company is generous. Seems the moon missions have spoiled people's expectations on how companies should function.

He's baaa-aaaack

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That would mean that the coin has no potential to moon. It's pointless.

Omisegoys BTFO

> muh plasma
> muh staking in lady boy company
> muh parbnershupszz

Complete shitcoin.


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Muh billions of usd processed a year through omise and growing literally every single day
Go chase some shit coins like btcp or link, big boys are accumulating real coins with inherit value

>one dolluh a year

You need to go back


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$1 represents about a 10% ROI currently as opposed to traditional assets of 4-5%, and $1 a year would mean OmiseGo would be $40 a token.

Then you have a shilled coin like NEO which requires you to spend $260 for that "precious gas generation" of .5 gas a year, or 3% ROI.

>black and a midget


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Prove it

You didn't respond to me.

If you're generous, It might go to 40$, meanwhile other tokens could 100x. OMG's potential is very small.

Holy SHIT you have no idea what you're talking about.

You know that Omise is a payment processor in Thailand, right? They're already handling millions of transactions. They're plugging that in to the OmiseGo network once it launches. OmiseGo will handle everything on the Plasma network, it will handle fiat currency. Staking gets you a cut of something that's like Visa or PayPal (albeit obviously much smaller).

Maybe it succeeds, maybe it doesn't. But you can't just use Ethereum as a measure of what staking rewards will be, that's a fundamental misunderstanding of what they're doing.

what are the chances this dips down to the ico price? I know this thing is gonna moon but I can't rationalize buying something for $10 that everyone lse paid $.50 for. There are plenty of other moon missions out there after all.

And is stkaing really one dollar per year? That's horrible.

>what are the chances this dips down to the ico price?
Next to none, I'd imagine. Expect it to bleed bellow 10$ though.
Staking really is just 1$ a year.

Zero chance of going back to ico price
And don't believe the $1 per year shit it's just some pathetic Manlet spreading fud. When he first started posting a few weeks ago omg pumped 20% within days while everything else was red. It's fud and nothing else.

You said yourself, OmiseGo's staking returns are $1 a year. At current prices, that is a 10% ROI and would mean that the OmiseGo token would be worth $40 at a minimum. The CEO of the company indicated that the rewards would be lucrative enough stake. This would mean that at a minimum, the TX rewards will mimic traditional assets of 4-5%, equating the a yearly staking reward of $2 for a 5% ROI.