What happened

what happened

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It’s about to rally cause it’s amazing technology that will destroy block chain forever fuck bitcoin iota is the best forever


this happened: IOTA shit the bed once again, with their dunning kruger leadership. It's lead by early 20's techies who don't know what they're doing.

5-month old bug, fixed since a long time. Up to everybody to make up their mind if it should still have an impact when assessing the project.

Did anything happen? It's chart looks pretty much like every other alt.

The non-trivial nature of the problems being found on IOTA is a major red flag. It's full of bugs, and really ugly ones.




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Disagree. Conflicts of interest, no code with proof released, evidence of hacked twitter accounts FUDing. There is a mountain of evidence that attacks are coordinated and substanceless.

IOTA is amazing tech that already made all other cryptos obsolete thats why i put all my money in IOTA because i am 100% it will be top coin they already fixed all the bugs everything bad u see is all debanked FUD

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Part 1: Had flaw, researcher told them about flaw and they fixed it. What was flaw? The developers were tards and "rolled their own crypto" code that held the security of the network in balance.
Researcher publishes saying IOTA was broken because brainlets believe every headline without looking into it. What this means? Is lets say you made a lock and designed all these ways to prevent someone from opening that lock. Awesome, no you release it and say "I have the best lock nobody can break it." But here is the thing, only 1 or 2 people tested you lock and now someone else from the public and come in and with specialized tools can now pick your lock open. Rolling code takes alot of review from people.

Part 2:
The great tards who developed IOTA didn't want it to become so popular so quickly and so used quickly. So they didn't focus on the right thing first. The idiots didn't make a proper wallet if u consider what they made even one. How so? Well their "wallet" didn't generate a seed for you. Instead it require the brainlet community and the redditors who have been masturbating all about the news of IOTA and didn't focus on their wallet. So some fuck decided he will make a nice website that "helped" the community to make their own. Once the seed was made, they could move their iota to their wallet. Only thing was the website was a phishing site. And the hacker ran of with 4 million dollars.
So the IOTA system "technically not hacked" just they left an obvious hole that could because the community is filled with fags. And their founder handled it like tard blaming people for using the website and not generating their own 16 digit code with specific rules. Community and news blames IOTA for issue.

part 3: The great PR nightmare
TBC post to long

Actually there is a mountain of evidence that the IOTA cult members (eg you) coordinate showing up on every reddit post on r/cc and cry "DEBUNKED!" every time a new paper comes out.

IOTA literally have an "anti-FUD" team on the Discord that share the links and brigade.


Crypto bubble just bursted. That's all.

PT 3:
Same guy from part 1 said he found 2 new issues with iota publicly. IOTA tried to connect with him about finding out the vulnerability. He never responded for over a week and the community lost their mind. IOTA attack his character and then he released 2 shit reasons IOTA is vulnerable. I believe it was scenarios where someone with a sponge brain manually entered their code into a "fake wallet" and then they could phish your info. IOTA responded with beta shit instead of handling it clearly and the twitter war started. As usual media freaked everyone out.

Part 4: Wallet
Over all this time, the wallet had issues. If you sent your IOTA from exchange to your PC wallet. Well you had to keep connecting to a node till you could recovered your money by verifying transaction. This scared the plebs because their money didn't show in their wallet even though it was supposed to show immediately.

Part 5: Decentralized crypto
It ISN"T runs something called coordinator. That has been DDOS'd multiple times.

Part 6: no wallet fully functioning

part 7: redditors jerk off to something that they can say "WOW look at this technology! it is so cool, and how it looks. IDK what it means but I am gonna buy it. And did you hear? they met with a member of tampax this confirms partnership."

I got some details potentially wrong since it was a pissing match of twitter shit. and leaked information but it is mostly there PR trash, community trash, and media just hypes shit up. how did I do anons.

just ?
that was 3 months ago user

> Well their "wallet" didn't generate a seed for you
It's even stupider than this. The original IOTA wallet had a seed generator, and they fucking removed it.

These are the thought leaders of the project...

Are you a bot? I thought Veeky Forums rejected bots.

What the fuck, are you high? IOTA has horrible design flaws, and it is by far the most insecure token out there.

thank god everyone on the internet is a cryptographic expert these days. 99% of people dont even understand even one word of the IOTA whitepaper and its DAG and you start with your '' design flaws'' dumb pajeet

they removed it because people ended up crying for getting locked out due to not writing their seed down, so they decided to make users responsible of the process (be your own bank)

some users then decide to trust 3rd parties to generate their seed instead of running some copy pasta command in their terminal, and cry when their funds get stolen... you can fix bugs but you can't fix everyone's stupidity

go ahead steal everyone's iotas since it's so "insecure"

not to mention they are greasy jews from israel. fuckin scammers

Nick Szabo publicly trashed IOTA on twitter then immediately deleted it. fkn hilarious wish i capped it

This, but unionically. FUD posters are gonna be so ducking salty when IOTA gets going. People always judge IOTA as if it's a finished product. It's clearly still in a development stage. Give it time because when the problems are fixed IOTA will moon like nothing else.


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Iota is just a pipe dream, even though its a blockchain that functions on a model that will one day become the future of the internet it is still just a pipe dream. Someone could come up with a model exactly like theirs only with a marketing team and smart contracts and smoke those dumb mother fuckers. Also that scam that occurred not to long ago was basically the fault of the IOTA managements negligence so they have that going for them as well...

That's a terrible reason to remove it, they could have mitigated this with a warning screen or a confirmation screen, like all other sane wallets.

Instead, they relied on uses to securely self-generate an 81-character fucking seed with their obscure requirements [capital A-Z and the number 9]. There were daily threads on /r/IOTA asking for help doing this right and they didn't care.

The failure belongs to the IOTA founders for this shit decision.

They did have a warning screen, not saying they were right to remove the generator, I think they had to learn the hard way that there will always be people messing it up no matter how hard you try

You base your assumptions on what you've heard, and not your own experiences, otherwise you'd have noticed that there were very clear instructions given (and easy ones, again copy pasta terminal commands to run) and if you managed to research and find one of those scammy generators you could easily have found the right way to do it in the sidebar

But ya keep spitting your bad faith around, IOTA doesn't care

> b-but they use an 81-character seed with o-obscure r-requirements

someone's been watching this douche Richard Heart as I can see, don't see why the characteristics of the seed would be a problem to a non-hater