I've been eating too much now that i'm a rich brazilian

i've been eating too much now that i'm a rich brazilian

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you are a savage spic beast


Spend that money on a house in Santa Catarina Island. We went last year, beautiful place.

Hope you like chubby roasties

Absolute unit.

thats some really faggy shit you're doing with your hands there user

This is the ideal male body. You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like.

yeah, man. i really am

i think you mean florianópolis. i think i'll just keep living in são paulo leeching off my mother

i like this pose

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Namorada portuguesa, que bunda que saborrrrrrrr hue hue hue hue hue hue huehue hue hue brap

>You have been visited by the Bear Beer Belly of Loss.
>There is nothing you can do. Your money is gone.

the creature...

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i thought brazilfags were all shredded af OP but youre a disgusting whale
0/10 would not bang

damn nigger you fat and disgusting

stop objectifying brazilian bodies, you degenerate faggot

i'm neither a nigger, fat or disgusting

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Boa, user

Ainda não sou um rich brazilian mas estou me esforçando

Um dia chego no seu nível, só espero que não tão gordo

Um abraço de outro spfag

Get your estrogen levels checked, you have gynecomastia and I highly doubt you take sterroids.

post benis fatty

>i'm neither a nigger, fat or disgusting
Amazing, every word of what you just said was wrong

valeu, mano. um dia você pode ser tão bom como eu

those are rich man tits


first of all, i am as white as a sephardic jew can be

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They are tits nonetheless.

so what, man? i can just reach inside my shirt i grab some boob, just like that

get some exercise or your tits will grow even bigger lul
how can a man let something like that happen to his body
its not about diet, just start say boxing/running/skipping rope, these fucking shred fat
its not too late

Ooh hahaha mmmh splendid! Simply delicious, ooomm hahaa haha!

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>no benis

i thought you faggots were just larping as losers and NEETs
is this really a board full with fat autists? wtf I have to get out of this place

what makes you think i have a problem with my body? i eat out twice everyday. this is the life

getting fat like this makes your dick appear really small, i'm sorry

i don't know who you're calling a loser. i made it

>this fat
If you are not shreded you are not one of us.
You are american mate

dat gyno

buy some armosin or raloxifene at least m8. control the gyno before it gets worse

Nós chegaremos lá, parceiro!

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Disgusting. Of course, your women are now all fat as well. It's probably worse than American women as Brazilians are very passionate.. So you basically have passionate hambeasts that love making out.

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look at me
Look at me

We are the winners now

That works?

i'm eating cheesecake as i browse this board

oh, shut the fuck up

i'm not getting any close to brazilian women. i'm keeping myself nice and virgin

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you need to walter/salt fast for 30 days there fatty

quality thread OP

ralox reduced mine (roid induced). you could try that or i've seen others recommend nolvadex.

nice thread

how many reals do u have, uma?
what coins did u buy


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>le merely pretending man

Heavy Tits

Haha legend mate.

Get a bunch of tattoos, you'll be bad ass as fuck then and rock that dad bod.

He is not speaking Portuguese AT ALL

I admire your confidence, user. I really do. Women will go after wealth and stability, only roaties/thots who go after physical aesthetic.

He's obviously joking you stupid fucking monkey

Ora pois, i am from Portugal you stupid donkey

how did you get rich, south america scum

Your a faggot