Something smells a little.... musky

will he create his own blockchain?
if so... all in right?! MUSK BUCKS TO THE MOON
will he invest in something already out?
If so.... which coin?

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if dubs, tesla-chainlink partnership tomorrow

if dubs tesla-chainlink partnership this month

Give me one logical reason why would he want to use blockchain?


if dubs tesla-chainlink partnership never

Other than LINK for insurance smart contracts that is.

thats why he is reading about blockchain tech. He wants to know if is usefull to him or not.
Probably is receiving offers for blockchain services and he wants to know more.

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if dubs, already in the works

if dubs chainlink will burn

because he's smart enough to know that block chain is the future
fuck off linktards
musk isn't stupid enough to invest in some shitcoin like link

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>implying someone who learned to engineer and design rockets from reading a bunch of books needs months to understand blockchain and know whether it's useful or not
Protip: it's not, unless insurances do not trust Tesla's data

You're not smart enough to realize that blockchain is just an inefficient, decentralized database, something that is useless for a company like Tesla that has no reason not to trust it's own data.

where is he? who the hell created the book that he's reading? who would be in on crypto where he went?

he doesn´t need months to understand it, he only needs to understand the basics so he can hear the service offers of others and ask usefull questions. He can´t go blindly to a blockhain service offer meeting.

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You think he doesn't understand the basics? It takes about 15 minutes of reading for a non-brainlet person.

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well, he is reading a book. He didn´t born knowing about blockchain.

Literally just opened a book someone gifted him at the event

if dubs price singularity happens in 2019 after the obvious $1000 eoy

If you're able to find it, I remember him complaining in an interview about his Tesla supply chain being held up for various reasons under the sun. Make of that what you will.

And thats how it starts the cryptomusk coins. Rejoice

If he mentions an interest in crypto it’d start the next bullrun.

There is literally zero chance (and reason, but feel free to provide one) of Elon making his own blockchain. The very best case he'll use some existing one for a certain useful niche (LINK makes the most sense unironically, maybe some REQ dapp for micropayments).