Arkies assemble!!!!!!

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im all in, really hope v2 is going to do something

25k arkie reporting in

howmuch do you get back per day staking?

a little over 7
It'll be some nice passive income when Ark becomes worth something

Bout 5,8 ark per day, right?

v2 is going to be goooood

Joan of Ark killed herself today. All hope is lost.

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v2 is going to make Ark the greatest sandbox blockchain for devs

Joan of Ark is black, punk

huh? what do you mean? never seen that pic of her isn't she like 5'11"?

yeah, damn man that's gonna be nice income. im a poorfag and i get around 0.08 a day, it's still something. i'm also licking that faucet like a mong every hour.

does anyone have pics of her ass? Couldn't find anything in the archive.


it's ok her wallet is still staking

jesus dude. c'mon.

Yea, she's 5'11. Killed herself about an hour ago according to her reddit.

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sauce on her reddit?


Killed herself.

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she's attentionwhoring on that sub

>Sorry I look like shit, no make up goodbye.
what, I don't even... what? the absolute state of roasties jesus christ. social media was a mistake.

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You guys are still alive?
You didn't kys yet? lmfao
Props... pretty impressive
>Initiate dump

deluded arkies, almost as bad as the linkies

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On the bright side, our ARK is now permanently a tiny bit more value than before.

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valuable* god dammit

This picture is why I still hold 6 ARK